One Piece Chapter 490


What has become of them, part 7: “Oimo and Kashii go to Elbaf” Oimo and Kashii leave Water 7 and head for Elbaf. They sit on a large ship and wave goodbye.


The Straw Hat Pirates leaves Thriller Bark on the Thousand Sunny. All members say goodbye waving, Franky even crying from the Rolling Pirates. Nami thanks them again for the Vivre Card she got from Lola. It is described that in the mysterious triangle, it was on this very day ten years ago when the Thriller Bark set here that ships began to disappear and a thick fog had been over the sea ever since, and that this was now expected to end. The Risky Brothers now decide to tell their crew the story of the Straw Hat Pirates that took place when they were all knocked out.

On the Thousand Sunny: Everyone decides to take a detour to Laboon instead of looking for Ace, and toasts their new Nakama, Brook, who wouldn’t have minded setting off for Ace first and then sailing back to Laboon. For him, the only thing that counts is that there will be a reunion with the whale someday, whether he has to wait a little longer is indifferent to him after 50 years.

On Mary Geoise: Sengoku is upset about Bartholomew Kuma’s failure to carry out his mission to eliminate the witnesses to Moria’s defeat. Garp is also present, but doesn’t take the whole thing very seriously.

Various strange events now happen on the Grand Line while the Straw Hat Pirates is sailing for a few days. For example, it rains candy, they see a sea-tanuki and a circular rainbow, or they have to sail over snakelike currents.

A few days later: Everyone is happy to have put the storm and events behind them, and Zoro wonders if they are more mature now than they were before. Luffy notes that they have now sailed halfway around the world once as they reach the Redline for the second time. Everyone is taken by the monstrous sight. Franky remembers how he was here once before as a child. And Robin, how she had come over this mountain range from the Westblue five years ago. Luffy says he will see the Redline one more time, when he is King of the Pirates.

They note that they must be very careful in the future, as they are now in close proximity to the Navy headquarters, as well as Mary Geoise, the seat of the world government. Chopper and Usopp have fun in the Thousand Sunny’s pool, while Zoro works out with heavy weights in the training room.

Nami uses the on-board Den-den Mushi to communicate with Luffy, Brook, and Robin, who are now in Shark Submerge 3 exploring the dark sea. Franky points out to them that the submarine cannot dive deeper than 5,000 meters. The three hear it crack and realize they are over 5,000 meters deep. Brook starts up in a panic. To make matters worse, they discover a large sea monster swimming in the ocean right in front of the porthole. The Shark Submerge 3 narrowly escapes the monster’s bite.

On board, Sanji brings his Nami a new dessert, but she wonders how they’re supposed to get to Fish Man Island, since the log port shows them a path that’s impassable. Sanji replies that they had the same problem in Sky Island.

Suddenly Luffy, Brook and Robin reappear. Brook and Luffy are happy about the boat trip they made and say that you can’t see anything down there and if there really is a fish people island. Nami is distraught. Luffy notices a bubbling behind him and as he turns around, there appears the giant monster. He looks amazed that it followed them this far. It jumps and they all realize it’s a lumpfish. Luffy says that this one won’t stop him here, lunges, and uses Gomu Gomu no Rifle on the sea hare. It is knocked out after only one hit. Usopp thinks that the giant rabbit didn’t seem very big, to which Chopper replies that it’s probably because they’ve already dealt with Oars, so they’re already used to the size. Sanji notices the sea bunny spitting something out as he passes out. The Straw Hat Pirates speculates what it could be. A fish? A human? They realize a tail fin and Sanji wonders if it could be….

Two creatures land on the Thousand Sunny. Luffy immediately notices the smaller one, a starfish. The second creature realizes it had landed on a human, Sanji, and apologizes profusely, but he doesn’t care about the pain, so blinded by love. Now everyone notices what it is, a mermaid. Everyone looks amazed, as does the mermaid herself, to meet such a crowd of people. But the mermaid regains her composure and thanks them for saving her. She would be swallowed by sea monsters all the time. Her name is Camie and she works in a takoyaki store and says she owes them for saving her. Luffy enthusiastically replies that he loves takoyaki. Camie asks for 500 berries, but the starfish named Pappag is startled and tells Camie that she can’t ask for money.

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