One Piece Chapter 487


What they have become, Part 5: Auditioning to be Iceburg’s secretary. A particularly provocative and revealing woman presses Mr. Iceburg. More applicants line up to become Mr. Iceburg’s new secretary.


Past: Brook begins the day by rousing his crew, led by Captain Yoki, from sleep with a song. They exclaim in agony that they are now awake. Shortly after, they notice the small whale they saw the day before. This whale has been following them for quite a while and is already proving useful when the Rumba pirates are attacked by another band of pirates, with some disembarking. But the little whale, who has since been christened Laboon, rescues those who have gone overboard.

The Rumba pirates have found a treasure and again Laboon accompanies them. They have already taken him to their hearts and of course protect him from sea monsters. During the whole journey they play the captain’s favourite song. Laboon is also very fond of this song.

One day, the pirates decide to leave Laboon behind because it is too dangerous for him to continue their journey, as they are now heading for the Grand Line. Brook tries in vain to explain to Laboon that he should stay behind. Eventually they ignore him and manage to get rid of Laboon.

One week later: The Rumba pirate gang has made it to the Cape of Twins and a violent storm is raging. There they meet Crocus, the lighthouse keeper. Due to the pirate ship being in disrepair, they are forced to take a break for now. But they are not the only ones who have arrived at the Cape: Laboon has swum after the pirates! However, they are not sad that he has come. They celebrate and sing and so the time passes.

Three months have now passed and the Rumba Pirates can now sail on. Brook explains to Laboon one last time that he has to stay at the Cape with Krokus, as it is getting too dangerous for him on the Grand Line. So Laboon accepts that he can’t come with him and the Rumba pirates promise him that they will be back here in 2-3 years and that he should wait for them.

Three years later in the mysterious Triangle, Brook is alone on the ship and the only survivor thanks to his Dead Realm Fruit. He walks around the ship remembering his crew and the good, as well as the bad events and experiences on the Grand Line. For example, Captain Yoki had contracted an unknown virus during the voyage on the Grand Line. Even the ship’s doctor could do nothing for him. Yoki’s wish was to sail the ship alone through the Calm Belt to get off the Grand Line, while the rest of the crew was to find a new ship. In the end, the Rumba pirate gang bid their captain farewell with his favorite song, Binks’ Sake.

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