One Piece Chapter 485


All seven members of the racing duck corps are sitting together on a body of water fishing for a large lamprey.


The shockwave destroyed the remains of Dr. Hogback’s castle, and the Straw Hats and all the members of the Rolling Pirates lie unconscious among the rubble. Only Bear seems to have survived the attack unharmed. He now makes his way to Luffy. But just as he is about to touch him, he is attacked by Zoro. The swordsman has managed to wound the samurai in the right shoulder with his attack, but what he sees there surprises him. Bear is not a normal man of flesh and blood.

Zoro thinks Bear is a cyborg like Franky. Before he can be sure, however, he is attacked by his opponent with a laser beam coming out of his mouth. Zoro luckily manages to avoid the attack, but is thrown into some debris by the shockwave. He discovers that Bear can even melt steel with this laser beam.

Bear now answers him that he is indeed a cyborg, but he is many times stronger than Franky. He says he is a Pacifista, a still incomplete human weapon created by the World Government. He was built by Dr. Vegapunk, a scientist at naval headquarters who is supposed to be the smartest person in the world and already on par with the knowledge of humans 500 years from now.

Zoro realizes that it is impossible to defeat Bear at this point, partly because his own body won’t obey him for much longer, so he asks him to take his own head so that Luffy’s life would be spared. Zoro wants to sacrifice himself for his captain, even though he knows his own head isn’t worth that much yet. However, he will one day become the best swordsman in the world. In his opinion, there is no other way to protect the crew. He also wants to protect his captain’s dream, as he is the man who will become king of the pirates.

Just at this moment another person stirs in the rubble, it is the cook Sanji, who would rather sacrifice himself than Zoro, because he also has a dream. He himself isn’t that well known in the navy yet, but one day he will be the most feared man. He asks the samurai to kill him instead of Luffy and not Zoro, and at the same time turns to Zoro as well. The latter is supposed to protect the others in his place and organize a new cook. But before Sanji can explain his request to the end, he is struck down by Zoro with a blow to his side and subsequently falls to the ground unconscious. The swordsman hopes that Sanji will keep his promise after he himself dies.

Since Zoro volunteers to sacrifice himself for his captain, Bear’s honor would be at stake if he killed Luffy anyway. Therefore, he decides to accept the request, for which Zoro thanks him. Bear assures him that he will not harm a hair on Luffy’s head and also tells him that everything he will now experience shall be hell.

The samurai lifts Luffy and uses his devil powers to squeeze a sort of bubble out of Luffy’s body, containing all of the pain and exhaustion Luffy received from the fight with Moria. If Zoro still wants to die in Luffy’s place, he would have to take this entire burden upon himself. Bear firmly believes that this will lead to Zoro’s death, since he doesn’t have much life left in him anyway. To prepare the swordsman for what to expect, he gives him a little “taste”. As the bubble enters his body, he has to scream out loud in pain and goes down spitting blood. Although this little taste has already caused Zoro a lot of pain, he wants to take the rest of Luffy’s load as well. Only the location he wants to choose for himself. At the edge of the forest, Zoro slowly approaches the paw-shaped bubble and finally takes it in completely. Bear stands on the entrance to Thriller Bark and speaks to Dragon. He finds it incredible that Luffy has managed to find such loyal comrades.

Among the rubble of the castle, the Straw Hats and the members of the Rolling Pirates have finally woken up. All have survived the attack of Bartholomew Kuma well. Luffy in particular is doing really well again, to everyone’s amazement. Sanji also regains consciousness, but he can’t spot Zoro anywhere. Finally he finds him standing at the edge of the forest, covered in blood and badly injured. When he asks him where all the blood came from, where the samurai is now and what actually happened, he only gets to hear “Nothing, nothing happened at all!

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