One Piece Chapter 480


Chopper is lying prone on top of several penguins, who are in turn lying on top of a bird, a wolf and a polar bear. A few penguins are watching them while one of them holds a ladder.


Lola and everyone else rejoice at Luffy’s victory. Luffy, however, is completely devastated and lies motionless on the ground. According to Lola, this is normal, as Luffy had an incredible power inside him, which he got from the shadows. The pirates, as well as Usopp, are thinking how to get their shadows back. Lola thought Luffy’s victory would return the shadows to their owners, but nothing happens. They come to the conclusion that only Moria has the power to return all the shadows. The only way is to get Moria to do it after they wake him up. Suddenly, several chunks fall on them. Everyone starts to panic.

Oz has since recovered and is standing ready to fight again, as is Zoro, who now wants to take Oars on. Lola is completely horrified and wonders if he is really a zombie. The pirates have noticed that all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates have disappeared. They wonder where they could be since they were unconscious before. They assume they have escaped, but then suddenly Luffy stands up. Luffy calls for Robin and she appears behind them, to the pirates’ horror. Luffy wants to go up high, so he asked for Robin’s help, who has already agreed to help him. Along the way, Brook has gotten up and Luffy thinks he needs him as well. Somewhat far away, Nami emerges from under a huge boulder, telling Luffy that everyone is ready to help him beat Oars. The pirates now realize that the Straw Hat Pirates never intended to escape, but to defeat Oars.

Meanwhile, Sanji and Chopper run inside a building while Franky and Usopp work on a giant machine. The Straw Hat Pirates is getting ready to counterattack! Zoro wants all the pirates to leave. Led by Lola, all the pirates take cover and run for safety. At the same moment, Brook climbs up with Luffy using the arms Robin grew on the mast. Oars thinks they should stop, but suddenly he is surrounded by clouds due to Nami’s Rain Tempo. It starts to rain. At just the right moment, Franky and Usopp are done with their giant pipe. With the Coup de Vent, Franky destroys the wall and Usopp starts the giant machine, which now has an incredible amount of cold air blasting out of it. Since Oars got wet earlier, this freezes his legs. Now Sanji kicks the giant oar chain in such a way that Oars is finally partially tied up. Now Brook is supposed to throw Luffy down from way up high. Brook lunges and throws him down, with Luffy using Gear 3 in the dive by blowing up his hands. Chopper quickly asks Zoro to punch Oars in the stomach. Zoro’s attack causes Oars to seriously injure himself. A short time later, Sanji flips the lever with a kick, causing the Oars chain to tighten. Now Oars is completely defenseless.

Chopper says Oars’s spine is now vertical, which Luffy takes advantage of. Luffy lunges for the final blow, hitting Oars square in the face with his gum-gum-giant bazooka. Oars’s spine snaps and the pirates look on in utter horror. Luffy has done it – he has defeated Oz!

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