One Piece Chapter 479


Franky is doing a dance pose together with some gorillas. Like him, they are all wearing swimming trunks and a dotted T-shirt with the words Dance. In the foreground is a flower moving in exactly the same direction as Franky and the monkeys.


All of the Straw Hats, as well as Brook, except Usopp and Nami, who were rescued by Nightmare Luffy moments before, lie defeated on the ground. Seeing other people running among their comrades, Nami and Usopp immediately head to the ground, where they encounter the Rolling Pirates, who rescue the remaining fellows from Luffy’s crew.

Meanwhile, Luffy is still fighting Oars and Moria. The zombies, watching the action from afar, are horrified that Oars is taking so many hits. They always thought he was invincible, just like their master Moria, who ends up being one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. Meanwhile, Oars was thrown so hard by Luffy that it even knocked Moria around in his cabin.

Arriving at the Rolling Pirates, Nami and Usopp learn from Lola and the Risky Brothers that they put 100 shadows into Luffy, after which he mutated into Nightmare Luffy and gained immense strength.

Back at the fight with Oars, you see Luffy grab him by the hair and now keep throwing him back and forth on the ground. Shortly after, he turns him by the hair and throws him into Dr. Hogback’s castle right next to Nami, Usopp and the Rolling Pirates. Fortunately, everyone was still able to get to safety in time. Oars, however, lies upside down amidst the ruins of the castle. But he gets up again shortly after and wants to counterattack with a gum-gum attack. However, the attack is prevented by Nightmare Luffy with a sword. The now already visibly battered Oars has to endure another attack from Luffy right away, but this one is not aimed at him, but at Moria. With a gum-gum hammer he hits Moria right in the face. He blocks Oars’s next attack with ease and then uses the Gomu Gomu no Storm, which he hits both Moria and Oars with several times. Eventually, the giant zombie falls into the castle walls again. All the other zombies who witnessed the event are horrified. They never thought it was possible for a single pirate to defeat the special zombie.

Immediately after the zombie falls, all the shadows escape from Luffy’s body, returning him to his normal appearance. He falls unconscious to the ground, where Nami and Usopp immediately run to him to see if everything is okay with him. The Rolling Pirates, on the other hand, begin a dance of joy as both Oars and Moria seem to be defeated for good.

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