One Piece Chapter 476


Sanji is standing next to a salamander in a cabbage field. In his right hand he has a cabbage, with his left hand he gives the animal a thumb. In front of him is a whole crate of cabbage, labeled Salamander Farm. Behind him is a cart filled with various vegetables.


After meeting the Rolling Pirates in Thriller Forest, Luffy is led to Lola. She asks him, like almost every man she meets, if he wants to marry her, which Luffy of course denies. So Lola has now been turned down 4,444 times. Lola then explains to him that she is the captain of the Rolling Pirates, a gang whose shadows were stolen by Moria and who are now hiding in the forest.

All the members of the gang are very excited, as it has never happened since they have been here that the ship has been shaken like this. Furthermore, the three mysterious ones were defeated and the mansion was almost completely destroyed. However, the enemy also woke up at the same time, the special zombie Oars. The Risky Brothers tell Luffy that they have been on the ship without their shadows for three years now. They ask the Straw Hat Captain to defeat Moria. They also inform him of the samurai’s current location, he is sitting in Oars’s belly. The two are near the castle, where a battle is raging between them and Luffy’s friends.

Luffy thanks him for the information and wants to go there immediately, but he is stopped by the Rolling Pirates. They suddenly hold him down and put a shadow inside him. When they ask Luffy if he can use a sword, he denies it. But when they give him one, he impressively slices a tree trunk. He is surprised why he is suddenly so good with a sword. However, the rolling pirates explain to him that the shadow he just received once belonged to a strong swordsman. The shadow’s abilities were added to his own. The pirates offer him more shadows and Luffy accepts the offer. They also explain to him that it all depends on his own willpower.

When Luffy has absorbed all the shadows, everyone is very surprised at the willpower he must have, as there are now a total of 100 shadows in his body. They themselves could only hold two or three. Because of the shadows, Luffy’s appearance has also changed greatly. He has grown taller and more muscular and now strongly resembles a zombie. He has transformed into Nightmare Luffy and now sets out to defeat Moria and Oars before the sun rises.

Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats are still struggling with Oars’s new stretching abilities. He hasn’t defeated them yet, but they don’t really have a chance to attack him anymore either. Moria finally agrees to open up to the Straw Hats about the reason for Oars’s stretching abilities. It’s all based on his own devil power, the Shadow Fruit. He explains to them that a shadow and its body must always have the same shape. However, using his devil power, he can enter and control Oars’s shadow. Thus, he can change the zombie’s shadow at will and the zombie’s body must adapt to this change. Now even the Straw Hats understand that Oars is not in fact a rubber man, but his body must adapt to his shadow. As Chopper correctly points out, Moria has reversed the laws of nature. As an example, Moria warps Oars’s shadow into a ball, whereupon Oars becomes a ball as well, astonishing everyone. However, Moria’s special zombie doesn’t think it’s all that great, since it’s his battle to fight and he doesn’t want Moria to interfere any further.

The Straw Hats now launch another attack. In the process, Brook lies in the giant slingshot of Usopp. When he releases it, the skeleton flies at a great speed towards Oars. In flight, it is additionally electrocuted by Nami, then pierces Oars’s right shoulder and subsequently gets stuck in a wall. Immediately, Zoro also seizes the opportunity and uses a sword attack against the zombie. However, Oars survives the attack and attacks Brook, who is stuck in the wall, knocking him out. Following this, he is hit by a few bullets from Usopp. As he tries to fight back to take out another Straw Hat, suddenly his arm doesn’t stretch. Robin has intervened in the action, using her devil powers to harass Moria so that he can no longer control Oars’s shadow.

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