One Piece Chapter 475


Luffy is sitting in a studio between a boar and an octopus. He has a cap and headphones on.


Brook, who suddenly appeared, was able to save Usopp in time and also brought a bag of salt with him. Franky is surprised why Brook can still move. But he explains to him that he also found some milk in the kitchen, through which his bones could heal again. Brook’s salt is now the Straw Hats’ last chance, since Oars destroyed the path to the kitchen on Moria’s orders. With time also running out, the Straw Hats must manage to catapult the salt into Oars’s mouth before sunrise.

The Straw Hats immediately go on the attack and Brook also offers them his help, but he is not yet completely healed. Meanwhile, Usopp and Franky are already starting their attack: Usopp shoots some oil stars at the zombie, which are ignited by Franky in flight with the Fresh Fire. While Oars is still struggling to deal with the fire around him, Zoro is launched into the air by Chopper towards the tower, which he cuts into pieces. The individual pieces are then hurled towards Oars by Sanji with tremendous force. He gets the first one with full force, but he successfully deflects all the others and hurls them back. The attack of Luffy’s crew has failed, but that doesn’t make them give up.

Immediately after, Usopp unpacks his newest weapon, the Kuwagata, an oversized slingshot that he uses to launch Franky at Oars. The straw hat intends to hit Moria in Oars’s body with his grenade launcher at close range. However, Oars reacts quickly, dodging the projectile and then catapulting Franky into the castle wall. Defeated, the latter falls to the ground and remains there unconscious. Moria therefore orders Oars to kill Franky. But as he goes for the final kick, he is suddenly struck by a massive bolt of lightning. The attack, of course, came from Nami, who has shown up on the bridge to save Franky. However, Oars notices her immediately. He aims his fist at her and applies the Gomu Gomu no Pistol. To everyone’s horror, however, this wasn’t just a harmless fist bump, Oars’s arm stretched along with it. Even the zombie himself is surprised as to why he can do this all of a sudden. Fortunately, Robin was able to save Nami in time. Meanwhile, Zoro notes that only Moria could be behind this stretching. But before they can worry about that, they first have to dodge a gum-gum whip from Oars. Now the Straw Hats aren’t just dealing with a giant zombie, but rather a monster Luffy.

Meanwhile, Luffy has encountered the Rolling Pirates in Thriller Forest. They know that Luffy wants to defeat Moria and see him as their only hope. They also know the secret of Moria’s strength. Therefore, they want to give Luffy a secret power. But the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates is totally confused, as he neither knows who he is dealing with nor what is meant by this secret power.

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