One Piece Chapter 473


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 37: Suddenly they’re summoning their loyalty! The future belongs to Vearth!
Behind Enel is a saluting army of small beings and he now rules the moon.


The Risky Brothers fall to the floor coughing and saying that this woman is terrible. This refers to Nami, who has squeezed it out of them that Perona wants to load all the treasure onto the Sunny, then escape with it. She quickly runs across a thin bridge to the Sunny’s dock, only noticing afterwards that not far from her, Oars is upside down in the ground.

Meanwhile, Oars angrily announces to the Straw Hats that he’s going to flatten them and break all their bones, since they’ve driven his horns into the ground in such a way that he hasn’t managed to get back on his feet yet. The Straw Hats take their chance and give the immobilized zombie a little beating. Its screams are even heard by some other zombies at the edge of the forest, who actually think this is impossible.

Eventually, the angry Oars gets back on his feet, which is why Usopp now sounds the retreat. Immediately afterwards, the pirates manage to trick the zombie: while Usopp and Chopper talk about a huge juicy piece of meat within Oars’s earshot, Zoro and Franky take advantage of the distraction and perform the Knee Crash, whereupon Oars falls to his knees. Zoro asks if that could even be called forcing him down, to which Franky replies in the affirmative, since rules probably don’t count with this opponent, even if they had any.

Franky thinks they just have to wait until Luffy defeats Moria and so all the shadows return, but Zoro doesn’t want to wait, he just wants to defeat him, which Franky thinks is almost impossible though. Meanwhile, Oars has also finally realized that there is no meat at all and the whole thing was just a distraction. The discussion continues among the Straw Hats: Zoro believes that a fight is only over when you’ve defeated your opponent, and in this case that’s Oars, and Sanji doesn’t feel like waiting for Luffy to win either. Only Usopp is once again panicking and hoping that Luffy will soon defeat Moria. Zoro now sees the perfect chance to try out his new sword, the Shuusui. In his eyes, it’s the perfect sword that wouldn’t bend even if a dinosaur stood on it.

In the meantime, Nami has arrived at her crew’s ship and asks Perona what she is doing, wanting to take the ship and all the treasures of the Thriller Bark. Perona is surprised to see Nami in front of her, since she was supposed to be married to Absalom. As an aside, she notes that no one wants to be married to such a pervert. However, she quickly realizes that the Straw Hat Pirate was able to escape Absalom, which makes him even more incompetent in her eyes. With her devil power, she thinks she can quickly defeat Nami, since her only natural enemy is Usopp. However, Nami is suddenly startled because someone is suddenly standing behind Perona. He is very tall and has a bible in his left hand. According to the zombies, this is a samurai of the seas, the tyrant Bartholomew Kuma. When he was a normal pirate, he must have been very cruel and that’s why he got the nickname, the Tyrant. The zombies warn Perona to get lost as this is not an easy opponent and wonder what he would be doing here on the Thriller Bark.

Bear asks Perona if she belongs to Moria. She replies that this is no longer the case, as she wants to leave the island. Bear then asks her where she wants to go when she goes on vacation. The zombies are horrified, what does the samurai want with small talk. But to the horror of the zombies, Perona also answers the question. If she were to take a vacation, it should be in a dark, dank place near an old castle where she can spend her days singing a terrible song. But right after that, Perona wakes up from her daydream as well, and now wants to defeat Bear, only to give him to Moria as a parting gift. With her strongest attack, the Ghost Combo, she attacks the Samurai, but he makes her disappear with just a wave of his hand.

Both Nami and all the other zombies are startled. In a split second, Perona is suddenly gone. Enraged, the zombies tell him that they will never forgive him for this. But when Bear looks at them briefly, they run away in fear for their lives. The next moment, Bear spots Nami and recognizes her as one of the Straw Hat Pirates. A second later, he is suddenly standing next to her and asks her if it is true that Luffy has a brother. Nami is startled, how did the samurai manage to suddenly stand next to her when he was on the Sunny just a moment ago. Confused, she replies to him that it’s true. Luffy has a brother named Ace. Right after that, she asks him if it’s true that he’s a samurai of the seas, and what he’s doing on the island. When he answers her, he has teleported again. He gives her to understand that he can decide for himself what he’s doing here, so he wasn’t sent by the world government. Still, Nami is skeptical and immediately wants to tell Luffy about the incident.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Luffy has finally caught up with Moria. But when he finally challenges him to a fight, it turns out that Moria has tricked him. Standing before him is not Moria, but only his shadow. The captain of the Straw Hats is now standing somewhere in the forest, and while he himself doesn’t even know where he is, the time of dawn is getting closer and closer.

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