One Piece Chapter 471


Two page color spread: the Straw Hats are in an underwater city. At the bottom Luffy is riding a devil ray, above them Franky and Chopper are also on a ray, but it’s equipped with some cannons, there’s also an octopus sitting on Chopper’s head, a bit behind them Sanji is sitting on a similar animal, he’s holding his arms stretched upwards and waving to Nami, who’s also on a ray, in front of her a snail. Zoro meanwhile is sitting on one of the ruins drinking something from a bottle, next to him is an orca also drinking something. On the same ruin, only a bit higher, Usopp is standing on a pillar, waving a red flag in his left hand and a white one in his right. Above all the action is a huge whale, wearing a magnificent crown. In front of him Robin is sitting sideways on a pink dolphin. In the background and between the straw hats some more fishes can be seen.


Oz stands in front of the defeated Straw Hats, wondering who is missing. It is Luffy, Nami and Usopp. However, he has no idea where they are.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Perona has come to. She is still confused from the fight with Usopp, so she tells them to take the hammer away and explains that she hates cockroaches. The other zombies are confused and explain to her that there are no cockroaches here at all. Confused, Perona asks where she is and then runs away, although the zombies try to explain to her that her opponent has long since disappeared.

Seeing a huge hole in the ground in front of her, she stops in wonder and asks the zombies that have followed her why the house resembles a ruin and if the pirates were to blame. One zombie has to deny this, though the Straw Hats are also running around freely, as the destruction was caused by Oars. Further, she is told that Oars has even defeated all the zombie generals. Perona asks if Oars is out of control or something. But before she can get an explanation from the rest of the zombies, a giant fist shatters the wall of the castle, catching the zombies in the process. A little later, Oars sticks his head through the wall and asks if the girl is around. Everyone is startled, and one zombie notes that Oars is even supposed to have crushed Dr. Hogback. When Perona hears the word girl, she immediately thinks she’s meant, and decides to leave the Thriller Bark on the Straw Hats’ ship with some food and the treasures, since the Bark will soon be destroyed anyway, thanks to Oars and the pirates.

In another room of the castle, the wedding ceremony is about to end. Just as Absalom is about to give Nami the kiss, Nami wakes up and is just able to prevent it. Of course, she doesn’t want to marry Absalom under any circumstances and is able to escape his kisses again and again. Finally, Lola comes bursting in. She is furious with Nami, thinking Nami lied to her and wanted to marry Absalom herself, even more so where she is wearing a wedding dress, and calls her a traitor. However, the Straw Hat Pirate tries to explain to her that she was unconscious until recently and everything happened against her will. But Lola can no longer be stopped in her rage.

Absalom orders Lola to leave because she would ruin his wedding and also attack his bride. But Lola ignores his order and tells him that he should marry her, which he refuses. Furthermore, she wants to tell Absalom the truth about Nami, namely that she is really a man. Absalom can’t believe it, after all he had seen her naked in the bathroom. At the same time, Lola pretends to attack Nami, but in reality she wants to help her escape from Absalom.

Nami takes her chance and runs away, while Lola tries to kiss Absalom. But Absalom is finally fed up with Lola and throws her into the nearest wall. Nami is stunned, Lola was her friend after all. She stops running away and now picks up her climatic baton. With a Thunder Charge: Swing Arm, she defeats Absalom, though she thought he wouldn’t go down right away from that one attack. However, he was already badly weakened from the fight with Sanji, so Nami had it very easy. Right after that, the pirate runs to Lola, who survived Absalom’s attack and is only slightly injured. She thanks her for her help, which Lola takes for granted since they are friends. Nami also confesses to her that she’s not a man at all and only said that out of fear of her, but Lola already knows about that. Now that Absalom is lying unconscious on the floor, Lola sees her chance: she finally wants to marry him.

Outside, Oars is still searching for the remaining three Straw Hats, so far without success. Meanwhile, the other Straw Hat Pirates have come around and are ready to take on Oars again. They give him to understand that he should not underestimate them.

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