One Piece Chapter 469


Enel’s Great Space Journey, Part 34: Charge Complete!!! From Destroyer to Messiah. Enel is surrounded by countless small beings.


Cindry still can’t move and is crying. Hogback yells at her and tries to get her to fight again. Cindry’s will seems to be fighting this act. But now Cindry does want to carry out the order to kill Chopper and Robin. Robin regrets that Cindry failed to fight Hogback’s order and holds her at bay with Doce Fleurs while Hogback tries to escape. Hogback senses concussions, which he assumes Oars is behind again, and is stopped by Chopper, who throws himself at Hogback’s back. Hogback then insults the latter as a disgusting monster. Chopper replies that Luffy doesn’t care who you are, and this one doesn’t need corpses to command. Robin now uses Pierna to make Fleur’s feet grow under Chopper’s feet, sending him and Hogback flying. Hogback begs him to make them stop. Chopper launches the combo attack Robi-Cho Suplex.

Scene change to Luffy: Oars is now standing in front of him, finally submitting to Moria. Moria asks Oars who his master is, to which he replies that it is Moria. Luffy can’t believe what he’s hearing and orders Oars to stop this rambling. Moria now gives Oars his first order: He wants Oars to wipe out the Straw Hat Pirates. For orientation, he has the wanted posters of the Straw Hats tattooed on his left arm. Immediately he starts and recognizes Luffy as his first opponent. Oars wants to attack him with a gum-gum bell. Before he can even execute it, Moria disappears. The gum-gum bell breaks through the wall behind Luffy, bursting into Chopper and Robin’s fight. The attack is so powerful that the ground beneath Robin and Chopper gives way. Before collapsing, Chopper lets go of Hogback and jumps to Robin. Meanwhile, Hogback, already buried by debris, and Cindry have fallen a floor below. Hogback begs Cindry to free him from the debris, as Oars is about to crush him with his feet. Cindry, however, looks up at Chopper, who looks at him with a smile. Hogback is now being trampled by Oars’s feet.

Next door, the hallway to Perona’s room: here, too, Oars breaks through the wall and surprises Usopp, who runs away screaming.

Chapel: Of course, Sanji feels the tremors as well, and shortly thereafter Oars’s foot breaks through the wall. Now Absalom also becomes active again and makes Nami disappear in Sanji’s hands. Oars, who has broken through Moria’s mansion, now faces Sanji.

After Oars attacks him with the gum-gum bell, Luffy now runs after Gecko Moria. In the ruined chapel, Absalom is now standing with Nami in his arms, trying to make a break for the wedding. Meanwhile, the animal zombies have found Perona unconscious in her bed. Other zombies, in turn, flee from Oars and his massive destructive power. Now Robin and Chopper also encounter Usopp in Perona’s Miracle Garden, who has discovered the wanted posters on Oars’s arm with binoculars. Oars now calls for the entire Straw Hat Pirates to come out of hiding and show themselves to him.

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