One Piece Chapter 468


Enel’s Great Space Journey, Part 33: Tremendous energies flow through the city. The city and other small beings are flowed through by the current.


Robin and Chopper are held at bay by Jigoro and Inuppe. Chopper wonders why Inuppe hit Robin, since he contains Sanji’s shadow and Sanji would never hurt a woman. However, Inuppe no longer has Sanji’s personality as the zombies gradually lose their memories and become puppets of Moria.

Hogback now orders Cindry to finish it. Chopper intervenes, wondering how low Hogback has sunk after all. He’s admired him, even the research on zombies. Chopper explains that if you can revive the dead, even if only for a few minutes, you can ease the suffering of the bereaved. Hogback, however, laughingly replies that he didn’t care about the patients and was only doing it for the money. Besides, he was fed up with all the requests that came his way and how bad it is to be a genius when simple doctors couldn’t do anything and only he could make a difference. To Chopper, Dr. Hogback is no longer a doctor. He insults Hogback’s zombies as dead creatures that silently follow orders. Hogback denies Chopper’s statement.

He knocks Cindry down and orders her to lick the floor, which she obediently does. Hogback tells Chopper that he loved and adored Victoria Cindry. She was famous, yet she remained grounded, a perfect woman. He wanted to ask her to marry him, but she was already engaged and stood Hogback up. Shortly thereafter, she suffered a fatal accident. Then he met Gecko Moria, one of the Seven Samurai. He asked him to lend him his skills. Hogback agreed and became part of Moria’s pirate gang. He stole the body of Victoria Cindry and revived her thanks to Gecko Moria’s devil power. While her personality was not the one he wanted, he was content with her beauty.

Chopper can’t understand how he can call something like Cindry human life. He yells at him that they are just monsters whose body and soul have been separated. In order to preserve these monsters, he plunges people into misfortune, which is why Chopper can’t forgive Dr. Hogback.

Hogback now plans to keep Chopper and Robin as zombies by his side. He gives Cindry the order to kill the two. She attacks the two with the square plate swords. Chopper switches to Heavy Point and lunges at Cindry, taking the wounds he takes from Cindry’s attack. He tries to dissuade her from continuing to follow Dr. Hogback’s orders and takes a hard beating from her. Hogback says that people are alive when they move. Chopper, however, denies this and shouts that a human has more freedom than a zombie!

Cindry remains motionless. Chopper wants Robin to throw salt into Cindry’s mouth with her devil power. Inuppe, however, thwarts this by kicking Chopper in the stomach. Jigoro also gets involved and attacks Chopper with the three sword style. The latter is able to dodge, but Jigoro almost hits Inuppe as well. Robin then clinches Jigoro with Doce Fleurs, but he is able to break away. Inuppe speaks up and starts an argument with Jigoro for almost hitting him. They argue, like Zoro and Sanji, and fight each other.

Hogback wants to put an end to the argument and shouts at them to stop, to which Robin shuts him up. She tells him to tell her and Chopper to jump out of the tower and releases her grip. Hogback grants her this request and calls out that. However, Jigoro and Inuppe misunderstand this and think it means them. As ordered, they jump out of the tower. Chopper now challenges Hogback to a fight, but he wants to escape and orders Cindry to stop them to buy him time. The latter does not obey the order. She cries and does not move.

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