One Piece Chapter 467


Enel’s great space journey, part 32: First a full broadside of lightning. Enel energizes the city.


Zoro and Samurai Ryuma have started their fight. There is already a big hole in the wall behind Zoro from Ryuma’s attack. Zoro also attacked him, but the cut behind Ryuma starts late. Franky didn’t even see Zoro launch a counter attack. Brook predicts that the fight between Zoro and Ryuma will be short, as they both have the same destructive power.

The fight suddenly restarts and the opponents clash. Ryuma attacks him with Prélude Au Fer, but Zoro deflects the attack and counterattacks with the two sword style. More sword slashes follow and Brook and Franky watch the fight in amazement. Ryuma now uses the Gavotte Bond Avant attack, Zoro counters with Rashomon. The forces of both attacks blast two walls of the building they are fighting in, and the roof collapses.

To avoid being buried by the debris of the collapsing roof, Zoro uses Slash 72 Sense Phoenix and Ryuma uses Polka Remise to fight his way through the rubble. Franky also shoots his way out with Weapons Left and escapes to the roof with Brook, where Zoro and Ryuma continue their fight.

The two meet at the top of the tower. After the collision, the two slide down the roof, but meet again on the side of the roof after locating where the enemy is. They continue to fight each other and Zoro nearly falls off the roof already. After a brief exchange of blows, Zoro becomes worried. He fears that the samurai will break his sword if he keeps fighting like this. He now fights on with only one sword.

Suddenly, Ryuma cuts through the top of the tower. Zoro runs up the falling spire, jumps, and attacks Ryuma with Hiryū Kaen. Ryuma jumps up to counter Zoro and applies Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri. They meet in midair and Zoro falls off the roof while Ryuma’s wound bursts into flames. Zoro lands a little further down on a canopy.

Samurai Ryuma acknowledges his defeat. He hands Zoro his sword Shuusui, saying that it will serve Zoro well, and drops it from the roof. Zoro catches it and thus has a third sword again, Shuusui! The duel is over and Brook’s shadow returns to him as Ryuma’s body burns.

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