One Piece Chapter 466


Enel’s Great Space Journey, Part 31: “The underground city peels out of the darkness.” Enel discovers an ancient city in the cave.


Usopp has seen through Perona’s trick and now knows that Perona has turned into a ghost and her real body is sitting on the bed in an adjoining room. Perona explains that she has separated directly from her body. So Usopp has to kill her body for him to win the fight.

He attacks Perona’s body with the explosion star. Perona is horrified and screams, but nothing happens. Perona immediately reacts to the opportunity and creates a Special Hollow, a giant ghost, with the help of her devil power and wants to escape into her body before Usopp can attack it. The XXL Ghost, meanwhile, is making a move on Usopp. He thinks, if the small ghosts already cause such a strong explosion, he will be killed when the Special Hollow explodes.

Perona has returned to her body and wants to finish Usopp off. She snaps her fingers, but nothing happens. Usopp has channeled the explosion into the Impact Dial, which is thus fully charged. Perona, meanwhile, realizes that Usopp’s Explosion Star wasn’t a dud, but a bird glue star that glues her to the bed. At that moment, Hippo Gentleman suddenly appears behind Usopp and seeks to avenge Kumashi. Usopp knocks him down with his previously charged Impact Dial, nearly breaking his arm. Perona is impressed by Usopp’s strength, not even noticing the Impact Dial. Usopp turns back to Perona and fires a black light star at Perona. The latter already sees her end, but contrary to expectations, no explosion comes out of the projectile, but a lot of cockroaches!

Usopp appears with his 10-ton hammer in front of the screaming Perona. The latter is again amazed by his strength that the pessimist can lift so much. She begs him to take the cockroaches and the hammer away, but Usopp shows no mercy and strikes with the hammer! The hammer, which was really nothing more than a fake balloon hammer, bursts and Perona suffers a nervous breakdown, foaming at the mouth. Usopp has won against the ghost princess!

Dr. Hogback’s Castle: Zoro falls from the roof and lands on a roof further down. Samurai Ryuma is standing on the roof on fire. Franky and Brook watch the action from the roof as well. Brook marvels at the fight between Zoro and Samurai Ryuma, saying that the samurai always held back when he fought him.

Five minutes earlier in Dr. Hogback’s lab, Zoro is standing in front of Ryuma, who was about to cut off Brook’s afro. He wants to take the samurai’s sword, the Shuusui. Ryuma notices Zoro’s three swords. Zoro explains that he regrets not being able to show him them because one of his swords is broken, which he still carries out of habit. Immediately there is an exchange of blows between Zoro and Ryuma, after which Ryuma follows up with Aubade Coup Droit, an attack from Brook, and knocks a big hole in the wall behind Zoro. Franky and Brook can’t believe their eyes at the power behind that punch. Brook mentions that when he used the attack, it was never this effective.


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