One Piece Chapter 465


Enel’s Great Space Journey, Part 30: “What Lies Beneath the Moon’s Surface.” Enel stands in front of the entrance to the cave.


Usopp is amazed and wonders how Perona can fly. He wonders why she ran away screaming just a moment ago and is now hovering in front of him. In the end, he doesn’t care if she can fly because he’s a sniper and can just shoot her down. He explains his new weapon Kabuto, which is equipped with a wide variety of dials from Skypiea. Just as he’s about to attack, Perona suddenly disappears. Usopp turns around, and sees a Perona as tall as a giant!

Completely amazed and scared, he fires off an attack at her, but misses his target, as suddenly she is back to normal size and hovering around him. Usopp continues to attack her, but this doesn’t help either. She appears in front of him and rams her hands into his chest! Usopp seems lost and thinks he is going to die. However, there is no blood or wound. Despite all this, she predicts his death and clasps Usopp’s heart with her hands, threatening to crush it. He whimpers for her to stop and believes he will die.

Suddenly she says it was just a joke and she can’t do anything like that! Usopp falls to the ground, frightened and angry. Perona says that if she could do something like that, he’d be dead by now. Perona sinks to the ground and says she can get through anything, like a ghost. Usopp still tries a six-row pit Wyper star, but the attack flies through Perona. Usopp’s projectiles are useless.

Usopp concludes that if he can’t touch her, then she can’t touch him. Perona creates Mini Hollows that attach themselves to a wall. Usopp screams out when he sees the destructive power these little Hollows have on the wall as Perona explodes them! A Mini-Hollow immediately attaches itself to Usopp’s shoulder and explodes. Usopp tries the Firebird Star this time, but the shot goes through her as well and he has to make his escape.

Perona can easily keep up with his speed, flies away in front of him and blocks his view. So he runs right into a stone pillar. Again, many small mini-Hollows attach themselves to his body, which Perona explodes with a snap of his fingers. Now Kumashi also shows up and punches him. Perona notes that he’s even stronger than a real bear. Usopp, who’s completely wrecked, suddenly gains courage, stands up, and cleanses Kumashi of his shadow with a salt projectile. He has put on his Sogeking mask, which also gave him courage in Enie’s lobby!

Usopp now introduces himself to Perona as Sogeking. She can’t believe what she is seeing. Usopp has an internal conflict with Sogeking, who tries to get the real Usopp to keep fighting her. However, the fearful Usopp replies that she is too strong for him and he can’t win, and runs away. Perona creates more mini-Hollows. As the little ghosts attach themselves to Sogeking, he has another inner monologue with himself, wondering why Perona ran away in the beginning if she is so strong. She explodes the Hollows and Usopp flies to the ground.

Usopp thinks again. While he lost sight of her, the tables had turned and she was suddenly completely confident. Suddenly, Usopp recognizes Perona’s trick! He surmises that she has turned into a ghost and her body must still be somewhere. So he looks around for an adjoining room, which he eventually discovers, and blasts the door with the Atlas Suisei. Now he has found Perona’s real body!

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