One Piece Chapter 464


Color Spread of the current Straw Hat Pirates in black suits, except for Luffy. He wears a lengthwise striped gray suit with a parrot on his right shoulder. Also, Nami and Robin are wearing dresses in the same color and pattern.


Sanji struck down Absalom. Absalom is the one who stole Sanji’s dream. But he doesn’t know what Sanji means by that, since this is the first time they’ve met. Absalom wants to attack Sanji again with his corpse hands, but Sanji recognizes the bazookas under his arms. Absalom fires his attack anyway. Sanji kicks at Absalom’s arms and the two bazookas become visible and fall to the ground. Sanji knows Absalom can turn invisible and knows all his tricks. Absalom wonders who Sanji is. He explains that he once read in a Devil Fruit book that there was the Invisibility Fruit. Sanji wanted to be the one to eat it, but now that he encountered Absalom with these abilities, all his dreams are shattered!

Sanji thinks that he could have bespa-…er…done many useful things to girls and helped girls bathe to-…er…many people in need. Sanji flips out and won’t forgive Absalom for putting Nami in danger. Absalom thinks this is bullshit and calls Sanji a pervert, to which he counters with a skillful kick.

Absalom has freed his upper body, which looks like that of a lion. He has the skin of an elephant and the muscles of a gorilla and bear, making him 300 kilos! Sanji is undeterred, kicking him in the stomach and forcing him to his knees. Absalom turns invisible and tries to escape with Nami. Sanji remembers Usopp’s words about Nami disappearing when Absalom kidnapped her. He grabs Nami and takes many kicks and punches from the invisible man. Finally, he drops Nami and goes down as he gets stabbed in the back by Absalom. He thinks he only dropped her because he didn’t want to stain her white dress with his blood.

Sanji says he can still see Absalom even if he’s invisible, reaches in front of him and has Absalom in his grasp. He pulls the dagger out of his back, attacks him with Extra Haché and finishes him off.

Perona’s room: Meanwhile, Usopp, who is being chased by Kumashi, is still chasing Perona. Kumashi catches up and attacks Usopp with a few paw swipes, but misses. Usopp wonders how the bear can strike so quickly and powerfully. To get rid of him, Usopp fires a fireball at Kumashi, which actually chases him away. To keep him away, Usopp pours a trail of oil across the hallway and ignites this into a wall of fire. He now wants to turn back to Perona, but has lost sight of her. Suddenly he hears a voice outside the window. He looks out and discovers Perona outside the window, floating in the air!

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