One Piece Chapter 462


Enel’s Great Space Journey, Part 28: Thank you for avenging the Professor! Spacey thanks Enel. He has the other defeated little creatures with him.


Perona attacks Usopp with her Negative Hollows, but instead of making him depressed, Usopp has depressed the four little ghosts! Perona has also been hit! Usopp gives a speech to Perona’s animal zombies that no one can match him, because he’s the master when it comes to being pessimistic. The animal zombies are impressed.

Perona’s Miracle Garden: Franky, Zoro and Sanji are on their way to find Brook and Nami. They can’t believe that Usopp’s pessimism is good for something after all. Sanji sets off from the two to free Nami from Absalom. Franky and Zoro head to Brook’s lab at Dr. Hogback’s to help him against his zombie.

Dr. Hogback’s Lab: Brook battles Samurai Ryuma, but suffers harsh setbacks. Ryuma asks Brook what he should cut him off first with Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri. Brook angrily explains that he shouldn’t use that name since the attack was named by his old comrades. Brook gets back up to his feet. He and Ryuma walk past each other, and after a few steps, it’s over. Brook was hit by Samurai Ryuma’s Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri and defeated.

Just as Ryuma is about to cut Brook’s Afro off with his Shuusui, the building is shaken and Brook lands somewhere else out of Ryuma’s reach. Franky and Zoro have reached Dr. Hogback’s lab and find the defeated Brook. Ryuma comes at Brook again, but Zoro gets in his way and intercepts his punch. Zoro is a match for Samurai Ryuma.

Franky offers Brook that Zoro will get his shadow back for him. Brook happily accepts. Meanwhile, Zoro has his eye on Samurai Ryuma’s sword, the Shuusui, one of the 21 King Swords. He wants to take his sword from him in a fight.

Chapel in Moria’s Mast Villa: Absalom tries to kiss Nami to finally end the wedding. However, he is unable to meet her due to the heavy shaking. A zombie informs Absalom that Luffy’s zombie Oars has been playing at the helm of the Thriller Bark and the ship is now caught in a strong current, causing the shaking. Absalom finally wants to kiss his bride undisturbed, so he orders the zombie generals sitting in the chapel to stop Oars.

Just as they try to stop him, Oars suddenly disappears. He reappears upon them as suddenly as he disappeared and crushes them with the Gomu Gomu no Gatling. He orders them to stop and not stop his adventure. A zombie immediately reports to Absalom that all the zombie generals who just ran out of the chapel have been defeated! Sanji, having grabbed an animal zombie to show him the way, is finally with Nami. He is now face to face with Absalom.

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