One Piece Chapter 460


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 26: What Insolence! Enel has defeated the space pirates.


Luffy & Co. want to save Nami and Brook and get their shadows back. Chopper warns the others about Luffy’s zombie Oars, who is even bigger than two giants! Luffy says Gecko Moria is the target, which is why they shouldn’t take down every zombie. If he’s defeated, they get their shadows back. Luffy gives Sanji the task of freeing Nami, who immediately bursts into flames. Because Usopp feels guilty about Nami being kidnapped, he goes along with Sanji. Franky is worried about Brook and Zoro wants to accompany him. Luffy, Chopper, and Robin want to go find Gecko Moria. Usopp gives everyone another small bag of salt to defend themselves from the zombies. Thus, the Straw Hats set off.

On Oz: He has made his way to the main mast and looks around the Thriller Bark. He recognizes it as a ship and decides he wants to be pirate king with it.

Cold Room: Moria plans to use Oars to steal even stronger pirates’ shadows to create more Special Zombies. Hildon reports to Moria that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji have been awakened and are now on their way to retrieve their shadows. The zombies are already trying to avoid them, but they are being flattened by Luffy and Sanji in rows. Hogback inquires about Absalom, who is about to start his wedding in the chapel, where all the strong zombie generals are as well. Perona agrees to take care of them and wants to drain the Straw Hats of their will to live with their spirits. She makes her way to her room. Moria wants to stay in the cold room for a while to play with Oars when he comes to his senses and comes back. Hogback asks this to become the 2nd zombie commander.

Luffy and Sanji, meanwhile, finish off everything in their way to the Mast Mansion, so Chopper, Robin and Usopp don’t need their salt at all. Franky and Zoro also fight their way through the bridge to Perona’s room.

Luffy and Sanji have been stopped because Perona’s ghosts have appeared and depressed them. Chopper, Robin and Usopp grab them and have to flee. Now Oars jumps from the main mast, crashing through the bridge to Perona’s room and through the bridge to Moria’s ballroom, with Usopp falling down with Sanji to Franky and Zoro. These are now face to face with the devil: Oz!

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