One Piece Chapter 456


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 23: Oh woe!!! The space pirate was too strong. Spacey cries because he and his comrades lost to the space pirates.


Brook advises Robin and Franky to go back to the Thousand Sunny. He tells them that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are unconscious and must have been taken there. Moria’s victims sleep through 2 days after being separated from their shadow. During this time, the zombies move the unconscious away from the Thriller Bark so they can’t repeat their shadows when they wake up. Moria’s subordinates are not allowed to kill them, because then the shadows would also disappear and the zombie would be useless again. Brook gives Franky and Robin each a small bag of salt, the zombies’ weak point. Sprinkling some in their mouths cleanses them of their shadows. The salt cancels out the effect of Moria’s devil power because it contains the power of the seas, which separates the zombie and the shadow. Robin asks Brook how he knows so much about Thriller Bark and the zombies. He replies that the Shadow was stolen from him 5 years earlier, but luckily he recovered the Thriller Bark. However, he was devastated and wanted nothing more than to die. Still, he faced off against the zombie that possesses his shadow. Brook is about to leave, but Franky wants to ask him one more question.

Moria’s Mast Mansion, Dance Hall: Chopper, Usopp and Nami watch as Gecko Moria holds Luffy’s shadow. Moria wants to go with Luffy’s shadow and his men to the cold room, where a Special Zombie rests to put Luffy’s shadow in. Absalom orders the spider mice present to take Luffy’s body to his ship so that he can do no further damage to the Thriller Bark. However, these retort that the zombie General Tararan has been defeated. Hogback knows of only one who is capable of doing this: the buzzing swordsman! Hogback wonders how he got the weak point out. Perona doesn’t know him, though. Absalom reports this problem to Moria, who shrugs it off and tells them that he can’t take care of this small stuff and that his subordinates should handle it. The spider mice transport Luffy to the ship.

While the zombie generals on the destroyed connecting bridge (Tararan has spun a bridge of sturdy nets) wonder where Franky and Robin are, they run towards Thousand Sunny. Franky is touched by the Gentleman Skeleton and howls.

Dr. Hogback’s Lab: Brook challenges Samurai Ryuma again for his shadow.

Walk to the cold room: The 4 mysterious of the Thriller Bark (with Cindry and Kumashi) reach the cold room. Here lies the huge Special Zombie No. 900, called “Devil Oz”!

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