One Piece Chapter 452


Enel’s great space journey, part 20: A lump got stuck in his throat during the moon show. Tearful Farewell. The little creatures bury Dr. Tsukimi, who choked to death after his fright. There are many flowers in the coffin and the little creatures are crying.


Luffy, who in the meantime has squeezed into a knight’s armor, wonders where Zoro and Sanji have gone. Luffy, Franky and Robin have arrived in an arena, where Franky is immediately attacked by a knight’s armor. Franky is able to dodge in time and counters with Strong Right, but the attack misses, causing the Knight Armor to fire a sword strike that hits the wall behind Franky and leaves a lot of damage. Franky remains unfazed and fires Weapons Left at the armor that was hit by the attack, but gets right back up and continues to attack Franky. Armor gets up again after Franky slams him into a wall again.

Oinkchuck predicts their demise, as they are surrounded by a troop of zombie generals who keep getting up no matter how many times you throw them to the ground. The Straw Hats try to escape, but the wall zombie blocks their way back. They have no choice but to take the fight to the zombies!

Luffy, Franky and Robin split up to fight their way through individually and meet again later in the courtyard. Robin attacks the zombies with her devil power, Franky uses his fists, and Luffy uses his gum-gum attacks. Suddenly, Luffy is almost hit by a 36-pound cannon, at which point a zombie named Jigoro appears.

While Luffy wonders why Jigoro is talking and attacking just like Zoro, he is captured by the Zombie Generals. Franky and Robin have fought their way out to a connecting bridge, but can’t go back to help Luffy or the Zombie Generals will get them too. On the other side, they see or hear Luffy in a coffin being transported by chain across the connecting bridge into the next building. Franky and Robin want to follow the coffin, but they are stopped by a monster spider monkey zombie general named Tararan. Now they can’t escape forward or backward.

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