One Piece Chapter 451


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 19: Moon Explosion During Lunar Show. Professor Lunar Show is startled when an explosion occurs on the moon.


Absalom orders the zombie generals to go after the Straw Hat Pirates. After they leave, Lola, a warthog zombie, tries in vain to get Absalom to marry her. She even presents him with a marriage certificate for Absalom to sign, which Lola tries to force through. However, Absalom refuses and Lola tries to kiss him. Absalom angrily explains to her that he has already chosen a human girl from the pirates who have arrived to be his wife and shows Lola Nami’s wanted poster. She immediately leaves to kill Nami.

Perona’s Room: She tells Kumashi, her giant teddy bear zombie, to send the Risky Brothers to Moria’s dance hall with the coffin in which Nami, Chopper, and Usopp were placed after Ryuma’s attack when he sees them.

Meanwhile, the Risky Brothers have arrived at Perona’s Miracle Garden, where they accidentally trip and drop the coffin. The coffin has opened and Chopper has woken up. The Risky Brothers try to knock him unconscious again, but Chopper briefly knocks them out in his Heavy Point. He wakes up Usopp and Nami and the Risky Brothers take off to get help. The three Straw Hats realize they are on a connecting bridge between Hogback’s castle and another large building.

Nami thinks about the sentence of the box zombie from earlier, who said that the treasure is not hidden in the chest. This one, of course, wants to get it right away. Three scarred penguins now appear in front of the three, introducing themselves as the Penguin Zombie Trio, one of whom reveals himself to be the new guy. Behind Nami, Usopp and Chopper, a suddenly appearing large group of animal zombies informs them that they are in Perona’s Wonder Garden, and the zombie koala gives the order to attack.

Usopp gets hit first and is knocked to the ground by the zombie kangaroo. Chopper tries to rush to his aid, but is hit by the zombie panda’s huge iron club. Now a hippo zombie sets to attack Nami, but is saved by one of the penguin zombie trio. The penguin is the one who introduced himself as the new one of the trio earlier. The other animal zombies look at this one in wonder, wondering why he’s siding with the pirates. The penguin, who appears to be a cross between this and a dog, yells at them that he would never hit a woman even if he died!

Luffy’s group walks down a hallway with Oinkchuck giggling the whole time. Luffy notices that Zoro has now disappeared as well.

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