One Piece Chapter 449


Color Spread of Luffy, Zoro and Nami: The three of them are standing on a red dragon in front of a castle and are dressed as if for a fine evening: Nami is wearing a black dress, Zoro and Luffy are wearing a black suit and black shoes. You can also see a cherry blossom tree, with lots of cherry blossoms blowing around.


The old man cries because, before he dies in the dark, he wants to feel the sunlight on his skin one more time. Franky gets sentimental and agrees, howling. Luffy also wants to fight Gecko Moria and casually mentions that they will help the victims then along the way. More voices come from the forest, cheering the Straw Hats on in their quest.

Dr. Hogback’s Castle: Nami, Usopp and Chopper eavesdrop outside Dr. Hogback’s lab, who has just finished a cadaver for Moria. They discover the body on Hogback’s operating table and the number on its upper arm. So Dr. Hogback revived all the zombies on Thriller Bark! Chopper can’t believe this, because you can’t resurrect the dead.

Behind Nami, Chopper, and Usopp, an unknown man appears and attacks the three of them, sending them into the lab. They are busted and discovered by Hogback! Usopp immediately defends himself, saying that they didn’t see him just make a zombie. Hogback doesn’t really care that they saw anything, because the night attack of zombies starts in a few minutes.

The zombies, who have been stuck with their heads in the ground by Luffy’s group, gather in front of their leader Absalom, the Invisible Man, who gets them in the mood for the upcoming zombie night. These also immediately refer to him as Perversalom. The ghosts also fly back into the castle and fly into a woman.

It has struck 12 midnight. Three little zombies wake Moria, who has slept for four days, and tell him that the pirates who destroyed Enie’s lobby have appeared. They have now reached the gate to the castle. Outside, it begins to rain, clearing the dense fog of the island somewhat, and the Straw Hats can now make out the sails of the Moria pirate gang. The old man who followed the troop tells them that the Thriller Bark is the biggest ship in the world!

Absalom, the zombie commander, commands the zombies to take care of the pirates. Perona, the strange woman who rules over ghosts, also gets ready for the night with her animal zombies. Meanwhile, Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Robin, and Franky enter Dr. Hogback’s castle. Let the zombie night begin!

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