One Piece Chapter 445


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 15: “Moon Ruin Excavation Plans of the Space Pirates.” Some space pirates are talking – probably about the newcomer Enel.


Nami, Usopp and Chopper meet Hildon, the bat zombie, in the tree where they are hiding from Cerberus. Hildon offers to accompany the three of them on his carriage to Dr. Hogback’s castle. Chopper’s ears prick up when he hears the name Dr. Hogback.

In the carriage, Hildon tells them that it is safest in the castle. Chopper is all excited because they meet Dr. Hogback there, the famous surgeon. He admires him as a doctor and tells them that he saved countless lives, but one day he disappeared. Hildon confirms that Hogback is in the castle, continuing with his research.

During their conversation, the three look out briefly and discover a number of unusual animals and plants singing and dancing joyfully. They scream in terror and ask Hildon to stop the carriage immediately, but he explains that visitors are hallucinating because of the thick fog and creepy atmosphere. Nami wants Hildon to take the carriage back to the coast, to which Chopper is immediately depressed because he won’t be able to meet Dr. Hogback. Hildon disappears briefly to tell the carriage drivers their new route.

10 minutes later: Hildon is not back yet and when Chopper, Usopp and Nami look out of the carriage, they notice that not even the horses are still there. They’ve been left in the middle of Thriller Cemetery!

The trio is still sitting in the carriage, and they are horrified to discover that numerous zombies have just made their way through their graves and appear in front of the carriage. They immediately overturn the carriage and Nami, Chopper and Usopp fall out. Usopp is buried under the zombies and Nami wants to rush to his aid, but she is stopped by the zombies. Instead, Chopper helps him and finishes off the zombies. The zombies now attack Nami as well, but Usopp chases them away with a fire projectile.

Nami, Chopper and Usopp now run from them, knowing that zombies can’t run fast. To their surprise, they run pretty fast, but have no stamina and have to catch their breath and take a break after a short while. The three have escaped the zombies and reach a castle. Chopper is happy to be able to meet Dr. Hogback after all.

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