One Piece Chapter 444


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 14: “Fairy Vearth!!! Boundless Wrath!!!” – Enel looks very angry


After the Straw Hat Pirates has discovered that the Thriller Bark is some kind of fortress, Nami, Chopper and Usopp set out on the Mini Merry to explore. No sooner do they arrive at the shore than a huge wave causes the three to become stranded.

The Sunny is also caught by a wave and thus gets stuck in a huge spider web.

Immediately, the remaining Straw Hats want to rush to the aid of the three stranded men, but are stopped by an invisible something. It reshapes Luffy’s cheeks, throws Zoro’s sword in Luffy’s direction, and throws Sanji against the walls of the ship. Next, much to Sanji’s chagrin, Robin is licked by the invisible being.

Meanwhile, Nami, Usopp and Chopper have landed in a trench about 6 meters deep and find themselves facing a three-headed dog. Immediately, the three run towards the forest, aiming to hide in a tree. Arriving in a treetop, Nami along with Chopper and Usopp breathe a sigh of relief as the Cerberus departs.

But out of nowhere, a kind of bat-man named Hildon suddenly appears behind them. He offers to take them to the safety of a castle in his carriage. With the hope of being protected from dangerous animals there, the three Straw Hats agree. To Chopper’s astonishment, Hildon mentions that the promised castle belongs to a certain Dr. Hogback.

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