One Piece Chapter 443


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 13: “The Giant Explosion” Enel has defeated the space pirate. A few small creatures are lying on the ground and something explodes in the background.


Luffy takes Brook with him on the Sunny, to which Franky, Zoro, Usopp and Chopper react very angrily. Brook suggests to “dine”, and so the Straw Hat Pirates goes into the kitchen together with Brook. The latter behaves very impatiently there and rattles the knife and fork around on the table the whole time. When Brook asks for Luffy’s name, Zoro gets very angry. After all, Luffy has accepted him into the gang, even though he doesn’t even know the captain’s name.

After they eat, Brook is extremely stained, indicating his bad manners. Now Brook begins to tell about his Devil Fruit, the Dead Realm Fruit that allowed him to revive himself. He explains that after he died, he spent 1 year searching for his body, which had severe consequences, as it ended up completely decomposed as a result. This is how he became a skeleton.

After Brook is done talking, Nami holds a mirror up to Brook’s face. Usopp and Chopper immediately notice that he has no reflection in the mirror, and immediately suspect him of being a vampire in a panic. Therefore, Brook tells them about the disappearance of his shadow and the related death upon contact with sunlight.

When Brook mentions that he’s a musician, Luffy seems downright frenetic in love.

Suddenly a ghost comes out of the wall, which causes Brook to fall down and get insanely scared. Suddenly, however, as if struck by lightning, he jumps up and looks outside. Off the Sunny is the ghost island of Thriller Bark. Brook has already jumped off the ship and is running on the water towards Thriller Bark.

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