One Piece Chapter 442


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 12: “He who is insolent meets the punishment of God” – Enel gives the space pirate a kicking.


The Thousand Sunny sails calmly on the sea. Luffy and Usopp fish and eventually catch a shark, which they throw into the ship’s aquarium.

As everyone takes a break, Zoro shouts that he has spotted a barrel in the sea. Quickly, the Straw Hat Pirates retrieves it on deck. Nico Robin suspects that it might be a barrel of sake as an offering to the gods. However, when they open the barrel, a red beam of light shoots out of it towards the sky.

All of a sudden, Nami realizes that a severe storm is going to hit in five minutes. Thereupon Luffy & Co. make the Sunny clear. Nami’s statement is confirmed and due to the storm, the gang gets caught in the Mysterious Triangle.

As the storm subsides, the Sunny is approached by a giant ghost ship with a singing skeleton on it drinking tea. Luffy decides to go on the ghost ship and talk to the skeleton. So Luffy, Nami and Sanji take a small boat to the ship.

After they climb on deck, the skeleton introduces himself. His name is Brook, “the gentleman skeleton”. Brook asks Nami if he can see her panties, which Nami denies with a slap.

Suddenly, Luffy asks if Brook wants to join his gang, which Brook happily accepts. Sanji and Nami are shocked by this sudden admission of a completely unknown skeleton into the gang.

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