One Piece Chapter 435


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 6: “A Shame, It Survived”.
A small creature in military garb salutes Enel.


Franky is working on the future ship of the Straw Hat Pirates at the ship graveyard when Iceberg comes to the rescue to get the ship ready even faster than planned. But as if this help wasn’t enough, three other hard-working helpers join him right away; Paulie, Peepley Lulu and Tilestone. This pleases Franky to such a great extent that he immediately bursts into tears.

At the same time at the new Franky Family headquarters under construction: a member of the Franky Family, Tamagon, is bringing the daily paper to the troops. They all look at the Enies Lobby article first, of course, since it might affect them as well. However, there’s not a word about the Franky Family in there, which is a big relief to them since nothing will change.

At the same time at the Straw Hats: they are also reading the newspaper and the Enies Lobby article. There, they wonder why the Franky Family wasn’t mentioned and suspect that they were left out on purpose, per Aokiji’s orders. Then there’s another thought buzzing around: the bounties could increase quite a bit, after all! Some of the straw hats would be very happy about that, but Nami rather the opposite.

A short time later, Luffy learns from the rest of the gang that Franky is building a new ship for them, whereupon he jumps for joy across the room. Then Nami bursts in and wants to go shopping. But then she notices that the 100 million berries have disappeared. Luffy immediately explains this by saying that they had spent all the money on the party. Of course, he immediately gets a beating from Nami for this.

Franky gave the Straw Hats a waiting period for the ship of five days. During this time, the Straw Hat Pirates goes shopping. Except Luffy – He doesn’t get any money from Nami.

But Usopp also uses the time. He keeps practicing apologies and phrases so that he can ask the crew at the appropriate moment whether he can travel with them again. In the process, he was secretly observed several times by Sanji, who finds it very silly from afar.

In the meantime, three whole days have already passed and the day of the unveiling of the ship is getting closer and closer. The log port has also fully charged in the meantime. But then Nami notices that the log port is pointing slightly downwards. Whereupon Granny Kokoro reveals to them why this is so. Namely, the next island they will head to is Fish Man Island, which is completely underwater. However, according to Kokoro, there are quite a few dangers on the way to the next island. For example, there’s the mysterious triangle, where ghosts are said to exist and ships keep disappearing without a trace. Luffy is of course looking forward to the upcoming dangers.

But then the Mozu and Kiwi arrive and announce that their ship is ready – two days earlier than planned. Just as they are about to run down to the ship’s graveyard, the Franky Family comes to meet the Straw Hats and has another message for them. The entire Straw Hat gang has gotten new wanted posters! Straw Hat Luffy gets a new bounty of 300 million , Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro gets a new bounty of 120 million , Devil Girl Nico Robin gets a new one of 80 million , the thieving cat Nami gets one of 16 million , sweet tooth Chopper (pet) gets a bounty of 50 , Blackfoot Sanji gets one of 77 million , however, there was no photo for his wanted poster, so a sketch was drawn, which Sanji finds disfigures him. But Sogeking also gets a bounty of 30 million. Last but not least, the Franky Family submits a wanted poster to the Straw Hats: Cyborg Franky 44 million . Now the Franky Family suggests to the Straw Hats to take Franky with them, since he is not safe in Water 7.

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