One Piece Chapter 434


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 5: “Attack First.”
Enel attacks something.


At naval headquarters, the navy prepares for the clash between Whitebeard and Shanks.

Shanks drives his ship in front of the Moby Dick. Marco and Jozu prepare themselves for the worst. As Shanks walks up the stairs to the upper deck, many of the men in Whitebeard’s crew keel over because of Shanks’ incredible aura. Arriving in front of Whitebeard, Shanks offers him wine from the Westblue. When Whitebeard finishes the wine, he turns back to Shanks. Whitebeard reminisces about the old days when Shanks served as a cabin boy on Gold Roger’s ship. Whitebeard asks Shanks who he has to thank for losing his arm. Shanks replies that he would have put it on the line for a new era.

But now it’s about the real issue: Ace and Blackbeard. Shanks tries to convince Whitebeard to call Ace back, but Whitebeard angrily refuses. Suddenly Whitebeard throws away the empty barrel of wine, but Shanks remains calm and drinks some more. Suddenly, they both draw their swords and the fight begins! Whitebeard strikes with a fierce attack from his naginata, but Shanks deflects it. The mighty blow from the two emperors causes a huge rift in the sky! People from both gangs tremble in fear, but the winner of the fight remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, on Banaro, Blackbeard and his gang are running through a town after a haul. They talk about Luffy, who supposedly destroyed Enie’s lobby and now has a huge bounty on his head. Blackbeard is desperate to collect this in order to get closer to his goal of becoming a samurai of the seas. Shortly thereafter, they encounter Ace, who overheard them….


In the author’s comments for this Jump issue, Eiichiro Oda explains that he was forbidden to use Whitebeard’s original Jolly Roger with the left-angled Swastika (inverted swastika) in the manga, which was already censored in the anime from the beginning.

Although the manji is a common symbol for Buddhist temples in Japan, Shueisha saw the danger of Western cultures possibly having difficulty with this symbol due to One Piece’s rising international popularity.

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