One Piece Chapter 433


Enel’s Great Space Journey, Part 4: “There’s Someone in the Hole”.
Enel discovers that someone is in one of the holes.


After Garp’s previous revelations about his family, he announces to Luffy that he will not capture him because he is his grandson and that he will make an excuse for this misdeed. After all, he only came to the Straw Hat Pirates to bring Koby and Helmeppo over. To this, Luffy reacts very calmly and gives him a parting sentence right back, saying “Okay, take care!” Garp considers this highly inappropriate and slaps him again right in the face for it.

Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats have already made themselves comfortable again and are sipping coffee. Now they also notice that Luffy isn’t there at all, but then they notice that he’s with Koby and Helmeppo, chatting with them a bit. Now Sanji learns from Robin that Nami is sitting outside the pool in a bikini, which immediately shoos him outside to join her. However, she doesn’t have time for Sanji, as she is eavesdropping on the conversation between the three of them by hiding a listening device in a nearby pile of rubble. This is how she learns how the Navy ships get to the Grand Line so quickly, namely because they have sea stones attached to the part of the ship that is in the water, and thus cannot be noticed by the sea monsters in the Calm Belt. This could also be of use to the Straw Hat Pirates at some point in the future. She also learns that a man named Dr. Vegapunk – a scientist in the Navy – is behind all of the Navy’s glorious inventions.

At some point, though, every conversation has to come to an end, including this one. Last but not least, Luffy and the other two agree on a new meeting place: The New World. By then, Koby has set his sights on becoming a Marine Admiral. Since he’s set this lofty goal right away, Luffy thinks that this goal is supposed to be an allusion to a fight between the two, which he would love to fight. However, the rubber boy wants both himself and Koby to have grown a lot stronger by then. With that, the conversation seems to be over for good.

A short time later: Now all the Straw Hats have gathered at the pool behind the Galley-La, barbecue, swim and just have fun and finally some relaxation again. Even Sogeking has joined the straw hat gang in the meantime and eats with them. Then the whole Franky Family joins them with their two King Bulls. Last but not least, the two giants, Kashii and Oimo, as well as the people of the Galley-La join in to celebrate all together. This is probably the biggest party the Straw Hats have ever witnessed. Only Robin is not relaxed, rather the opposite. She is at the edge of the courtyard, against a wall, behind her suddenly stands Aokiji. He’s up to no harm though, he’s just telling her a story from her past and asking her why she always runs away. She replies in return that she doesn’t need to run away anymore since she has friends now. So the conversation between the two is over for the time being and the party can continue in a relaxed manner.

At the same moment in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise: terrible news is just passing through the halls of the city – Shanks and Whitebeard are about to face each other!

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