One Piece Chapter 431


Color Spread: Luffy, Chopper and Robin are standing on a branch in the jungle. Luffy is holding a spear, Chopper is wearing some kind of school uniform, and Robin just looks sexy. Behind them are a bull, an elephant, a snake and a lion in an aggressive stance.


Water 7, two days after the events on Enies Lobby: A sea train, including a wagon loaded with lumber, pulls into Water 7’s Blue Station. Zoro sits on a broken ship’s mast at the edge of town, contemplating his ruined Yubashili. In the town destroyed by Aqua Laguna, Paulie shows up with other carpenters to help the residents repair the ruined buildings. He sends the workers from Dock #3 to the area they just entered, and the men from Dock #5 are to take care of the area around the ship’s graveyard. Still, they have to do their normal work on the side as well. Paulie wants to see the back city repaired in a month, though.

North, Franky House Ruin: The Franky Family is rebuilding their house, but it will take some time, so they are sleeping out in the open for now. Sodom and Gomorrah are lying doctored next to the construction site and are supposed to be resting. Chopper has treated them and if Gomorrah recovers well, he will be able to see again.

Isle of Shipbuilders, Dock No. 1: A large crowd stands outside the gate to the dock, wanting to see the pirates who rescued Iceburg. A reporter from the Water 7 gazette also wants entry. Oimo and Kashii are also helping with the reconstruction, setting up the fallen cranes. With them is Usopp. They can’t go back to Elbaf while their bosses are still fighting, but if they go, they offer him to come along.

Ruined Galley-La main building, makeshift office: Iceburg sits at a drawing table and works. Franky sits with him on a couch. He talks about Pluton’s burned plans and asks what Iceburg is working on. The magnitude of this year’s Aqua Laguna has fueled concern among residents that the island may soon sink. Iceburg wants to rebuild the island so it can float. In doing so, he sounds to Franky like her old teacher Tom. Zambai calls Franky to report the goods, worth 200 million berries, have just arrived on the sea train.

Temporary Office, Pirates’ Room: Kokoro visits the pirates, but sends Yokuzuna out because of his size, who eventually sits at the window and peeks in. Sanji prepares food for Luffy, who eats nonstop. But he’s still asleep, having acquired a technique that allows him to eat while sleeping because he hates missing meals after fights. Nami is devastated because all of The Going Merry’s belongings were washed away by Aqua Laguna, including Bell-mère’s orange trees. However, visitors dropped off their stuff, they were in the back of town during Aqua Laguna. When the Straw Hat Pirates was still considered criminals, they confiscated their belongings and have now returned them. Also the 100 million berry that was left. Chopper and Robin return from tending to the injured. Robin says again she won’t disappear after Chopper proudly announces she hasn’t let her out of her sight.

Franky enters the room with the Mozu and Kiwi, he starts telling the Straw Hat Pirates something. A war starts on an island, people die, buildings are destroyed. Only one giant tree withstands the storm of war and people take refuge in its shelter. This tree is called Adam and is a wonder of the world, only a handful of these trees exist in the world. Now every now and then there is wood of the tree to buy on the black market, but for 200 million it was priceless until he stole the straw hats money. It is now his, Franky’s, dream to use the wood from the Adam Tree to build a ship for the Straw Hats that will take them to the ends of the earth, his dream ship. He has the wood through the money, now he wants to know if they will accept his offer and sail the ship. The only ship that ever made the passage around the world was Gold Roger’s Oro Jackson and it was made of the same wood. All the straw hats present cheerfully agree to the proposal.

Zoro is walking through Water 7 and has made a disturbing discovery that he immediately wants to share with the others, however he gets lost. A naval ship has docked at the harbor. It is the ship of Vice Admiral Garp, a legendary captain who cornered the then pirate king Gold Roger. Garp steps off the ship and enters Dock No. 1. They proceed to the makeshift office, where Garp tells his subordinates to wait. He breaks through the wall and says some people want to see Monkey D. Luffy. The Straw Hat Pirates is immediately alerted, but can’t stop Luffy from being knocked out by Garp. Garp was pissed that Luffy was asleep. The latter feels pain at the blow, even though it is made of rubber. It is the fist of love, Garp takes off his dog hood and Luffy calls him ‘Grandpa’.

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