One Piece Chapter 429


Enel’s great space journey, part 2: Arrival on the planet.
Enel has arrived on the moon. A great plain stretches out before him.


All the Straw Hats have jumped into the water with the The Going Merry. The members who can swim aboard the ship, the devil fruit users are thrown aboard by Granny Kokoro. The entire crew wonders how the The Going Merry got here without a helmsman, yet everyone is happy to see the ship again. Amidst this commotion, Luffy wants to thank Robin for throwing him in the water, though she shuts him up and thanks the entire crew. When Zoro says they should save the boring chatter for later, he earns a kick from Sanji and a bite from Chopper, who completely disagrees with the swordsman.

Meanwhile, Spandam, who is still alive, has grabbed a Den-den Mushi and claims that Admiral Aokiji has ordered all the Straw Hats, including Nico Robin, to be blown up now. Immediately, the first navy ships fire on the Straw Hat gang. However, they don’t hit the The Going Merry in the process, but, very unexpectedly, each other. The cause is that the Gate of Justice is about to close at the same moment, causing the whirlpools to form again. The culprit of this chaos is Sanji, who had closed the gate when he had briefly disappeared. The Straw Hats take the opportunity in which the naval ships’ rudders go haywire and escape, using the vortex to accelerate. The navy ships fire three bullets again and this time they seem to hit as Zoro and Sanji use Luffy to shoot the bullets back. Spandam goes on a rampage and Robin sees him do it. Using “Clutch”, she breaks the latter’s entire body. Now Franky uses his “Coup de Vent” and fires the The Going Merry towards the gate. The Straw Hats get through the gate in time and are safe: the ships were not fast enough.

The soldiers think they should pursue the Straw Hat Pirates, from which they are stopped by Admiral Aokiji, who has come on his bicycle, as he thinks there is nothing to sugarcoat as the ships have suffered some damage. He thinks they have suffered a resounding defeat that day.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats are back on their way to Water 7, happy to have won this battle.

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