One Piece Chapter 428


Enel’s Great Space Voyage, Part 1: Enel’s Ark Maxim sets course for the moon.


The sailors on the Buster Call ships off Enie’s lobby take the news of Rob Lucci’s defeat by Luffy demoralized, while the Straw Hats, beset on all sides by naval captains, take the news differently individually. Nami calls the crew together so they can sail off in the convoy ship.

From a Den-den Mushi comes the cheering of the Franky Family, missing in action at this point, who, along with the Galley-La foremen and the giants, have survived the fall into the abyss, contrary to Vice Admiral Strawberry’s expectations. They all hang from improvised shrouds of Galley-La rope that Paulie has attached to the edge of the island at the very last moment. They report no casualties, and that they are going to make a run for it. Franky howls with emotion until Zoro makes it clear to him that there is no point in him dying in battle now.

Vice Admiral Onigumo decides that destroying Nico Robin’s Straw Hat Pirates is a priority at the moment, and has his lookout report that Luffy appears to be mortally wounded as well.

Usopp tries to cheer Luffy up again by shouting at him, but he is just as immobilized as Chopper due to the overuse of his body.

Nami takes the initiative and orders the Straw Hats back to the convoy ship as it is taken under fire and destroyed with Chopper, Granny Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe aboard. Out of the smoke from the explosion emerges Sanji with the missing, who had not previously participated in the fight against the captains. He excuses himself by saying that he had some errands to run.

While the Navy captains are still trying to free the supposed hostages Chimney and Granny Kokoro, the remaining nine ships of the Buster Call take fire on the Bridge to the Gate of Justice. One of the Vice Admirals orders the first bridge pier, where Luffy and Lucci collapsed after their fight, to be fired upon.

Robin realizes she can’t pull Luffy across the water to her. All the Straw Hats and their allies are cheering for Luffy to get up (partly via Den-den Mushi) when Usopp hears a familiar voice, but he can’t place it at the moment. The voice asks him to look down. Now the other Straw Hats hear the voice as well.

A marine loudspeaker announces the order to open fire on the first pier in five seconds, as Usopp tells the Straw Hats to jump into the sea, and Robin asks to throw Luffy into the sea with her arms. Zoro drives at Usopp that desperation won’t save the Straw Hats, but Usopp shouts that the Straw Hat Pirates has another member who has come to save everyone. Robin launches Luffy into the water with her arms, then the rest of the Straw Hats jump in after her. The captains on the bridge wonder if the Straw Hats have lost their minds.

The Going Merry appears under the bridge, calling the Straw Hats aboard with her voice, promising to take them home.

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