One Piece Chapter 427


Where have they gone, part 3: Gan Fall and the Shandia chief sit laughing on a bench with drinks. In the background Pagaya and Pierre are toasting each other.


Usopp stands on the end of a shot-up bridge girder without the Sogeking mask and fires at Luffy, who lies on the ground dazed by Rob Lucci’s Six King pistol and steaming from Gear 2 in front of Lucci. Marine warships circle the bridge to the Gate of Justice as the crews watch in disbelief as Straw Hats Robin and Zoro and Franky stand up to their 200 elite fighters and captains.

Luffy notices Usopp and wonders about his presence. Usopp explains that the only reason for his presence is to save Robin, and loudly challenges Rob Lucci. The latter only makes disdainful comments about losers. When Luffy tries to dissuade Usopp, Usopp lectures him that, after all, a half-dead man can’t do anything. Luffy allows himself to be goaded by Usopp, after all, this isn’t hell. Luffy laboriously rises back to his starting position.

Nami and Robin fight back-to-back against a superior force of naval captains, Nami with her climatic tact stick in Thunder Charge: Swing Arm mode, Robin with her devil powers.

Luffy informs Lucci that he never said anything about giving up, to which Lucci promises to send each one to the same hell as Luffy himself. Between the two, fists and claws hail at each other at an incredible rate until Lucci manages to pin Luffy down with his tail and jam a Six King pistol into his gut at close range.

Usopp meanwhile rejoins the fight against the captains, keeping Zoro’s back with Usopp’s terrible squealing terror.

Lucci turns his back on the visibly stricken Luffy. Luffy recalls the events of the recent past and his resolution to protect his friends. His fist hail drives Lucci through a wall of the support pillar before he himself collapses as well. As the Straw Hats look questioningly at the scene of the battle like sailors, Lucci’s pigeon sits down on its bleeding owner lying on the ground.

Luffy turns on his back and yells that he, Robin and his friends would stay together now.

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