One Piece Chapter 426


The straw hats are in casual wear with a plethora of pineapples on top of some clouds floating over a palm-studded harbor and a flock of seagulls.


While Luffy and Rob Lucci face each other in battle on the first pier, the Navy shatters the Bridge of Hesitation between the first and second piers.

The Navy identifies the Straw Hats at the convoy ship and suspects they are responsible for the defeat of the CP9 at the Justice Tower. The navy crews are aghast at the defeat of a legend.

The Straw Hats cheer Luffy on and inform him that everyone has made it to the convoy ship. Rob Lucci compliments Luffy for his crew, but promises that they would be done in a few minutes.

Orders go out on the naval ships that only captains and elite fighters from headquarters are to participate in the attack on the Straw Hats.

As the Straw Hats prepare to defend themselves, Usopp notices Sanji’s absence. However, the onslaught of naval captains leaves him, Franky and Zoro no opportunity to investigate.

On the convoy ship, Nami decides to fight the battle on the bridge so as not to damage the ship. Robin is determined not to be captured again.

Franky tangles with Very Good, who disintegrates into all kinds of little balls under his blows, Zoro with Shuu, who rusts and breaks Zoro’s master sword Yubashili. Usopp has trouble with three fighters circling above him, dodging his projectiles. Franky warns the others that the opponents are using devil powers. Robin retorts that so do the Straw Hats, and joins Nami’s fight.

On the convoy ship, Chimney and Granny Kokoro again announce that they are being held hostage while Chopper lies motionless on deck. Zoro tells his fellow soldiers to hold out until Luffy arrives.

Lucci has realized that Luffy is barely a match for Gear 2’s efforts, and taunts his opponent. He promises to pursue Robin to the ends of the earth and eliminate all who oppose the world government. When Luffy protests, another exchange of blows ensues, culminating in a Six King pistol that Lucci uses to knock Luffy to the ground.

Usopp notices that Luffy is in trouble, and leaves the fray to give him a moral boost.

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