One Piece Chapter 425


What they have become, part 2: Wyper and Shandia make the forest habitable. Some Shandia are taking a break, eating something while recovering from their work. There are some tents in the background.


Enie’s lobby is under fire without pause as Luffy takes on Lucci once again in Gear 2. The Straw Hats on the escape ship want to escape as soon as Luffy is on board, but a formidable naval force stands in their way. An announcement comes that all the soldiers have been evacuated from Enie’s lobby and that 50 pirates and the two giants Oimo and Kashii have been spotted at the main gate. Franky laughs out loud and was sure his friends had escaped. But the next moment it is explained that the pirates have already been fired upon and they have all been killed. Franky is shocked!

The only thing that hasn’t been destroyed on Enie’s lobby is the Bridge of Hesitation. The Straw Hat Pirates mourns the fallen ship’s carpenters, giants, and the Franky Family. Nami wonders if it’s possible for people to just die like that. Robin explains that the Buster Call will be carried out calmly and emotionlessly and the island will be wiped off the map. Franky can’t help himself and yells to the bridge pillar that Luffy should manage to defeat Lucci and hurry up because his friends are waiting for him or he’ll be in for a treat.

Rob Lucci vs. Monkey D. Luffy: The Straw Hat Captain is able to hurt Lucci with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol. The latter catches the blow somewhat by jumping backwards. He goes to hit Luffy with a Shigan, but Luffy reacts in a flash in his Gear 2 form and dodges to the side. A direct exchange of blows between the two opponents follows, which Luffy tries to win with another punch to Lucci’s stomach, but he holds his arm against it. Using the gum-gum jet bullet, Luffy makes Lucci spit up even more blood. After another jet attack, Lucci is slammed into a wall. The attack has left two strong imprints in Lucci’s stomach!

Luffy wants to attack him further, but Lucci announces a secret art of Rokushiki, appears in front of Luffy and puts his fists against Luffy’s stomach, uses Rokuogan and Luffy falls back bleeding. Exhausted, he spits out another gush of blood, saying that Lucci’s attack would be even stronger than an Impact Dial from Skypiea. Lucci sends out another Rankyaku Gaichou and there is a strong cut in the bridge pillar. Franky knows about Lucci’s strength and says that if Luffy hadn’t stopped him, there would already be some dead. Onigumo is informed that Luffy is still alive and fighting with Rob Lucci. The Vice Admiral gives the order to surround the Bridge of Hesitation with the warships. Sogeking wonders if Luffy could die. Zoro angrily reprimands him that Luffy will defeat Lucci.

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