One Piece Chapter 424


What they have become, part 1: Conis, Aisa, Laki and Nora are walking on Earth. Conis, Laki and Aisa walk through a forest. In the background is the giant boa Nora.


Franky has thrown the marines on the escape ship into the sea, and he and Robin just have to wait for the rest of the straw hats to arrive. Promptly, Grandma Kokoro, a mermaid, comes out of the water with the straw hat pirates, her granddaughter and their pet Gonbe.

The two giants Oimo and Kashii have arrived at the main gate with the King Bulls and the rest of the craftsmen and Franky Family, but they are already met by three warships. Vice Admiral Strawberry, who is present on one of the warships, gives the order to wipe out the enemies.

Escape Ship Behind the Bridge of Hesitation: The Straw Hat Pirates, Chimney and Gonbe are spitting water when Franky wakes them up. He thinks the shock of seeing the mermaid Kokoro has made them swallow less water. Granny Kokoro looks at Robin as she puts on her pants and says they already met at Shift Station. Zoro, Sanji, and Sogeking slowly pick themselves up, never expecting Kokoro to be a mermaid. According to them, she is an icefish mermaid. Sogeking can’t figure out how a mermaid can have two legs when she should have fins. Sanji is currently on his knees whining that he can’t come to terms with the fact that Kokoro is a mermaid, because in his opinion, mermaids are beautiful. Granny Kokoro explains that when a mermaid reaches the age of 30, her tail fin splits and she is free to roam the land. Sogeking makes a comparison to a cat, that their tails also split when they reach 100. Kokoro is pissed at him and wants to hear a thank you from them, which she eventually gets.

Sanji now notices Robin on board and immediately wants to hug her and jump into her arms, but Nami and Chopper are faster and he slams into the mast. Robin thanks them for helping her. Only now do Chimney and Gonbe realize that Kokoro is a mermaid, which clarifies Chimney’s question about why she has scales on her feet. Chopper lets go of Robin and falls to the ground, exhausted. He wonders why he can’t move, which Zoro tries to answer when they escape from Enie’s lobby. The latter climbs the stairs to the Bridge of Hesitation and Sogeking follows him. Zoro looks at the island they were on a moment ago and Franky joins them as well, saying that they must have been ordered to spare Robin on the bridge. Zoro knows they want to get her back and that after the island, it’s the bridge’s turn to capture her again.

Sogeking wonders where Luffy is. Franky still sees smoke coming from the first bridge pillar, so he guesses they’re still fighting. Longnose suggests they help him, but Zoro doesn’t want to get involved and says they shouldn’t split up. He’d rather make sure the warships don’t cut off the escape ship. Sanji asks Franky if he’s not worried about his friends, but he replies confidently that they’ll manage to escape. At the same moment, the warships at the main gate prepare to fire, and Paulie grabs another Den-den Mushi to find out if the Straw Hat Pirates has made it safely to the Bridge of Hesitation. In the very next moment, fire is opened, blasting away the giants along with the King Bulls, the craftsmen, and the Franky Family. They seem lost as they fall into Enie’s lobby hole!

Scene change to the bridge pier: Luffy is still fighting fiercely against CP9’s strongest member, Rob Lucci, and wants to finally end the fight. So he vows that he will not stop fighting until he has defeated Lucci and uses Gear 2 for the last time!

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