One Piece Chapter 423


Vivi sits by a small rocky lake eating watermelon with a couple of seals.


After the naval ship explodes, Luffy lets the air out of him. In the process, he flies back into the bridge pillar. Now the side effect of Gear 3 is revealed: when Luffy let the air out, he shrunk into a dwarf. His bones contracted in the process. He was in Gear 3 for about a minute, so Luffy assumes he’ll stay small for about that long, too, and wants to hide from Lucci so he won’t kill him in that state. Lucci thinks it would have spoiled his fun if Luffy had been killed in the explosion, still hovering over the bridge abutment with Geppou and setting off with Kamisori towards Chibi-Luffy. Meanwhile, the Giants, the King Bulls, the Franky Family, and the Galley-La artisans have almost made it to the main gate.

Bridge of Hesitation: Franky can’t believe the Navy is killing their own people. Spandam says that this is justice and he finally wants to convict Nico Robin. He also asks him why he’s on the side of the pirates when he wouldn’t be one himself, and why he trusts Robin more than the world government. For a simple answer, Spandam gets the Strong Right from Franky. Spandam has had enough and draws Funkfreed, his elephant sword. He charges the sword with killing Nico Robin and throws it at her. Just before Funkfreed can reach Robin, Franky stops it with sheer physical strength, and the elephant stops just short of Robin’s face. The cyborg threatens the animal with its cannon that it should retract its trunk, which it eventually does.

Franky asks Robin if the Straw Hat Pirates were on their way to the bridge, to which Robin replies in the affirmative. He recalls how Tom saved him and Iceberg and how Franky tried to stop the sea train. He says that the World Government is very strong and powerful and that the Straw Hat Pirates will still take them on to save one of their crew members. Franky has been thinking about Tom’s death every day and finally wants revenge. He grabs Funkfreed’s trunk and throws it at Spandam! He is finally able to do this thanks to the Straw Hat Pirates and wants to give his second life for them if he has to. Franky attacks the marines with Weapons Left so he and Robin can get to the escape ship. Robin, meanwhile, has picked herself up and wants to help Franky. She figures she’s not alone now.

Bridge of Hesitation, bridge pier: Lucci has already found Luffy, who is lying exhausted on the ground. The CP9 agent now uses Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin, reducing his body muscles and becoming leaner. He is now faster and more agile, and slams the still small Luffy into a wall. Luffy tries to punch him, but that puny fist Luffy has only makes Lucci angrier and he pushes him further into the wall. Luffy is now stuck in it and can’t move. Lucci goes for his Shigan Madara, but he can’t execute it. Luffy’s Gigant Pistol has caused Lucci’s legs to suffer. Meanwhile, Luffy has grown back to normal size and is able to free himself from the wall.

The Straw Hats and Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe are in danger of drowning in the flooded tunnel. They already expect to die, but they are suddenly pulled by something. Sanji recognizes a tail fin and thinks of a beautiful mermaid. But frighteningly, they discover that it’s not a pretty mermaid, but Grandma Kokoro who saves their lives and is apparently a mermaid!

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