One Piece Chapter 422


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates races soapbox boats on the ocean. In this, Nami and Usopp, Luffy and Sanji, and Chopper and Robin form teams. Zoro is racing alone. In the background, you can see a lot of sea creatures cheering for the Straw Hat Pirates.


The soldiers on a naval ship ask Vice Admiral Doberman what they should do to recapture Nico Robin. The latter replies that they don’t need to do anything. He starts to tell that more than 15 years ago 500 soldiers of a country were captured by pirates. The captain of the pirates demanded the throne of the country in exchange for the lives of their soldiers. However, only one boy had been sent by the world government to mingle with the pirates and go to the captured soldiers. However, contrary to expectations, he did not save them, but killed them summarily. The captain of the pirates was furious and horrified at the boy’s actions, the pirates attacked him, but the boy withstood all attacks and took the captain’s head. The riot was ended by a 13 year old CP9 agent who has five scars on his back in the shape of the World Government flag, Rob Lucci! Meanwhile, the marines on Enie’s lobby are trying to get off the island to avoid the hail of bullets.

Secret tunnel to the Bridge of Hesitation: Zoro, Sanji and Usopp run towards the Bridge of Hesitation. Sogeking hears water and imagines the horrible scenario when the tunnel floods. And he’s right: ahead of them, Nami, Granny Kokoro with Chopper, Chimney, and Gonbe appear, fleeing from a massive mass of water! Zoro still tries to create a way out with a sword blow against the wall, but the tunnel walls are extra strong to withstand the water pressure from outside. So the Straw Hat Pirates including Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe are swept away by the water.

Bridge pier at the Bridge of Hesitation: Luffy knocked Lucci out of the pier with his Gomu Gomu no Giant Pistol. He was hit hard and is on the verge of losing consciousness, hoping to avoid falling into the water. Luckily for him, however, he lands on one of the passing Navy ships doing the Buster Call and turns back into a human. The stunned marines want to know who he is, but a captain gives the order to put away their raised weapons because the man standing in front of them is Rob Lucci of the CP9. Immediately seized by fear that he shouldn’t kill the marines, Luffy, still in Gear 3, transports himself to the naval ship with a gum-gum missile. The marines fire at the approaching Luffy, who doesn’t let it stop him and directs the air he previously directed into his stomach into his foot. This becomes huge just like his hand and Luffy splits the naval ship with a gum-gum giant axe.

Lucci is able to dodge the strong attack by jumping on the mast and immediately sends a rankyaku to Luffy, who is able to dodge it. Lucci jumps from the mast and turns into a leopard and bites Luffy in the shoulder. The latter cries out in pain and fends off his adversary by channeling the air from his foot into his stomach. Lucci jumps back onto the pole, but has to jump right back off as Luffy attacks with a giant whip, destroying the pole. Lucci has transformed back into a Leopard Man and once again uses his Tobu Shigan “Bachi” attack, which Luffy is unable to dodge. The Zoan user emerges behind Luffy, noticing that his speed has decreased as his strength has increased, and slams into the already heavily damaged naval ship. In a moment, he launches a Rankyaku Gaichou after it, splitting the ship once again. Lucci keeps himself in the air with Geppou.

A marine informs Vice Admiral Onigumo on another ship that Rob Lucci of the CP9 and Straw Hat Luffy are having a tough fight. The latter wants to help the CP9 member and fire the ship they are fighting on. A soldier wants to protest, which Onigumo unceremoniously shoots down. He feels that he can’t protect the future if he lets even one criminal escape. The navy ship is sunk!

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