One Piece Chapter 420


Sanji squats on a chair in front of a large cake with the inscription “I LOVE NAMI & ROBIN” and tastes it. In the background, a baboon can be seen behind a cage, which sees that small mice have already taken a large piece of the cake.


Franky tries to get Robin’s sea stone handcuffs open. Only key number 5 fits and Robin is freed. Spandam is shocked that they managed to get the keys. Franky informs Sogeking that Robin’s handcuffs are unlocked. Sanji and Zoro also listen and Robin thanks Sogeking. While doing so, she also immediately makes use of her devil powers, which she can now use again, and seeks revenge on Spandam for the cruelty done to her. She surrounds the director of the CP9 with Seis Fleurs, Slap and slaps his face with her hands. Franky, meanwhile, orders the other Straw Hat Pirates to come to the Bridge of Hesitation so they can escape from Enie’s lobby. Sogeking is about to get off the Justice Tower when he hears a voice. Suddenly, a cannonball explodes on the island and the fence surrounding the island is destroyed.

Zoro and Sanji notice that the whirlpools of the island are gone. They must have dissipated when the Gate of Justice opened so that the Buster Call fleet would not be hindered from entering. Zoro and Sanji want Sogeking to finally get off the Justice Tower, but it’s suddenly shot down and the top cut part crashes into the hole of Enie’s lobby! The two shocked Straw Hat Pirates call for Usopp, who apparently crashed into the hole with them, but he lands in front of them and was just able to bail out. Sanji tells Franky and Robin that Sogeking is still alive and they are on their way to the Bridge of Hesitation. Franky and Robin want to last that long on their own against the masses of soldiers and plan to steal the escape ship on the other side of the bridge to escape. Spandam, meanwhile, has the two of them attacked by marines. In the secret passage to the Gate of Justice, Nami, Granny Kokoro with Chopper, Chimney and Gonbe are on their way to the Bridge of Hesitation. Nami has already felt tremors.

Bridge of Hesitation, Bridge Pillar: Luffy is still fighting Lucci in Gear 2. The latter is currently using Kamisori against the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, who is able to dodge and strike back. Lucci briefly spits up some blood and says he knows the secret to Gear 2: Luffy uses his legs as pumps, increasing his blood pressure. This gives him more oxygen and allows him to react and strike faster. This is blood pressure a normal heart would not be able to withstand, but since Luffy is made of rubber, he can withstand it. Still, Luffy damages his body with it. To Lucci’s statement that he’s throwing his life away with it, he replies that it’s still better than losing everything he cares about in front of his eyes!

Lucci alerts him to the explosions on Enie’s lobby and that his friends are going down with the island. He cuts a crack in the walls of the bridge pier with a rankyaku and water pours in. He figures that even if they’re already in the secret tunnel on their way to the Bridge of Hesitation, the masses of water pouring into the secret tunnel will drown anything inside! Luffy yells at him.

Bridge of Hesitation: Franky and Robin fight the marines. A marine spots something behind the fog at sea and Franky and Robin take notice. You can see the Buster Call fleet by now and with them the five Vice Admirals! The Buster Call has begun!

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