One Piece Chapter 419


Zoro and a tiger are walking through a jungle at night. Zoro is holding a lantern. The tiger seems to be afraid, unlike Zoro.


The Gate of Justice is completely open. This is happening so that the Navy ships can make the Buster Call. The Giants are still on the run with the Franky Family and the Galley-La Company.

Luffy vs. Rob Lucci: Lucci admits to being careless. But he also notes that Luffy is running out of breath. The captain doesn’t care once he finishes off his opponent. Franky, meanwhile, walks to the Bridge of Hesitation.

Everything is in readiness for Spandam’s reception. The escort ship to naval headquarters is ready. Spandam explains to Robin that he still has mines planted before the bridge, so someone who fought their way there still wouldn’t have a chance to free them. But Robin refuses to go through the gate. She still believes in Luffy’s promise.

Spandam only replies that all her friends will die because of the Buster Call. He mentions Jaguar D. Saul, to whom the same thing happened 20 years ago. Now he wants to drag Robin, whom he has tied to a rope, all the way to the escort ship. Spandam now reveals that he knows everything that happened 20 years ago on Ohara. Because the man who commanded the CP9 back then was his father Spandine.

Spandam relentlessly tells Robin the whole truth, namely that Spandine put the bounty on Robin’s head and thus made her life hell. Only Robin survived the Buster Call at that time. Spandam now wants to bring this chapter in history to a close by bringing Robin to the Navy Headquarters.

Suddenly there is an explosion at the beginning of the bridge and you see Franky, who was hit by the mines. Robin can’t believe it. Her friends couldn’t keep their promise. She cries bitterly.

Spandam is about to take the final step through the gate and thus go down in history as a hero, when he is suddenly flung away and lands on the escort ship without Robin. Several soldiers are also suddenly thrown backwards. Everyone wonders who hit her. All of a sudden, a soldier reports that he has spotted the gunman on the justice tower. It’s Sogeking!

The marines and Spandam can’t believe he can shoot so accurately at them from the justice tower and strong winds. Robin is overjoyed. Sanji and Zoro stand in front of the Justice Tower celebrating Usopp. Zoro is still annoyed that he keeps singing as Sogeking.

Spandam tries to claw Robin again, but is hit by Usopp again. Robin now tries to escape, but the marines get permission from Spandam to shoot at her. However, Robin is not hit by the bullets. Franky has appeared out of nowhere and intercepted the bullets. Thanks to his iron body, they don’t bother him. He tells Spandam that even the mines couldn’t stop him.

Franky receives a call from Usopp. He tells him to look for a red bag that is somewhere on the bridge with him. Inside are the remaining two keys of Zoro and Sanji. The Straw Hat Pirates and Franky have managed to take all the keys from the CP9!

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