One Piece Chapter 417


Usopp is sitting on a ladder and has all kinds of tools in his hand. A bear is sitting on the ground and is just trying to start a fire so that the fish can grill over it. In the background is a huge bear.


Kaku stands up and tells Zoro that he hasn’t even seen his true power yet. He retracts his neck and attacks Zoro with Extreme Nose Gun: Kilimanjaro. Zoro backs up and sees the opportunity to attack Kaku’s neck. However, Kaku is able to prevent this by using Orkankick White Bolt. Zoro has trouble deflecting the attack.

Kaku retracts his neck with giraffe cannon barrel again, but accidentally extends his limbs. He doesn’t have his new devil powers completely under control yet. But the agent can handle it too and invents the Pasta Machine attack just like that. Now he wants to show Zoro what he can do in this state. But he only uses the Extreme Nose Gun again. Zoro is quite annoyed about this blöff.

He wants to finish the fight with the whirlwind, but does not manage to penetrate the tekkai of his opponent. Kaku now flies to the higher floor and retrieves his swords, with which he also attacks immediately. Now also shows what an advantage the long arms and legs have.

An exchange of blows between the two ensues, with Zoro making it clear that none of Kaku’s skills will help him beat him. He goes for the Hyokindama, which Kaku can only dodge with Kami-e.

Now it’s Kaku’s turn again. He starts with Rankyaku Shuriken and continues with Extreme Nose Pistol. The latter attack gets Zoro to feel. Kaku finally wants to draw a line and attacks with Giraffe Whip and then with the nine-tailed Giraffe Whip.

Now Kaku’s strongest attack is used, namely the Gekirin. Thereby Zoro has to fend off loud sword blows and Rankyakus. But Kaku suddenly stops, because he thought he saw a demon with 6 arms for a moment. The Giraffe Man now wants to finish it off with the attack he used to split the Justice Tower: Rankyaku Amanedachi. But Zoro, who is actually the six-armed demon, just says it’s already too late and splits the Rankyaku. Now the way is clear and he gives Kaku the final blow with Ichibugin.

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