One Piece Chapter 416


Nami is on the way with a rhinoceros. Next to them is another dog wearing a uniform. On the rhinoceros sit some birds on it.


You can see the defeated Jabra. Sanji, having won the battle, heads to the Gate of Justice to deliver the key. Spandam and Robin have arrived at the Bridge of Hesitation. The Gate of Justice continues to open. Franky tries to catch up with Robin. But he gets to the room where Luffy is fighting Lucci. There are ten minutes left until the Buster Call.

Franky offers to help Luffy fight Lucci, but the captain refuses. Franky should free Robin. But to do so, he must first pass through the gate guarded by the CP9 agent.

Jabra’s Room, Zoro vs. Kaku: Zoro calls Kaku a “herbivore”, but this upsets Kaku, who says he prefers meat. Zoro puts on his bandana and starts with some two-sword style attacks. But Kaku is able to dodge all of them and even retaliate with Kama Kirin. Now he starts performing Tekkai Mushikaku, which visibly upsets Zoro and he asks him if he even wants to fight.

But Kaku replies that he is already attacking: Kiri Shigure. Zoro has to take many hits. This is also followed by Kaku’s next attack, namely a Bigan that sends Zoro into a wall. Kaku is surprised that Zoro can still fight on. A small exchange of words follows.

Zoro has had enough of Tekkai, so he uses the attack he already used to defeat Mr. 1: Shishi Sonson. But Kaku is able to block the attack with Rankyaku Roudan. Zoro now goes all out and strengthens his arms with Ichi Gorilla Ni Gorilla. He thus manages to fend off Kaku’s Bigan and fling him away.

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