One Piece Chapter 415


Luffy, Sanji and Zoro are standing together with guns raised, which is a reference to the Three Musketeers. A large gorilla can be seen in the background.


Jabra is distracted by Sanji’s kick and Sanji apparently tries to leave with his key, but it’s probably just a decoy.

Sanji gives Jabra, who is chasing him, a kick to the face that Jabra doesn’t expect, after which he attacks Jabra with a series of kicking combinations.

Jabra counters by launching Sanji into the air with Roba No Kamae: Local Area Network, knocking him once to the other side of the tower with the Wolfhammer and following it up with a Orkankick Lupus Four.

The now more seriously injured and bleeding Sanji gets up, but Jabra attacks him directly with Maten Rou. Afterwards Sanji is so angry that he uses Diable Jambe and kicks Jabra with his now glowing leg once on the other side of the tower as well.

Sanji and Jabra leap at each other for an aerial duel, but Jabra evades Sanji and attacks him with Ten Finger Pistol, which he is able to half deflect. But then Sanji attacks Jabra, who is surprised by the sudden attack, with Flambage Shot. After this powerful attack that made Jabra hit the ground, the fight is over.

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