One Piece Chapter 413


Miss Golden Weeks “Back to the Baroque”, final part: ready to be taken to the big prison. The former samurai and his subordinates are taken to Impel Down.


The Buster Call is getting closer. Nico Robin starts an escape attempt, but has no chance against Funkfreed, as she is still bound to her sea stone handcuffs.

Franky has fished Chopper out of the water, who is now unconscious but back in normal physical condition. Suddenly, Chimney and Gonbe appear, wanting to show Franky a shortcut to the Gate of Justice. He remembers the plan he discussed with Nami after she defeated Kalifa.

The plan is for Franky to run to the Gate of Justice while Nami takes care of Zoro and Sogeking. After that, everyone should meet at the Gate of Justice. After that, they’ll see what happens next, they say. Franky leaves Chopper with Grandma Kokoro and her granddaughter, and goes on his way.

Jabra’s Room: Zoro, now finally out of his handcuffs, has prepared to fight and is now facing Kaku and Jabra. Kaku attacks him with Rankyaku Sen, but Zoro dodges it. Zoro thinks he has an easy time because Kaku has a very long neck in his giraffe form. But Kaku apparently does have good control of his neck and attacks with Bigan, which Zoro blocks.

Now you can see the power behind Kaku’s nose gun: He drilled a square hole in a rock with the attack! Jabra points out that Kaku fights very well. At this, Sogeking also becomes active and challenges Jabra. But he voluntarily hands over his key, claiming to hate killing.

The whole thing was a trick, of course, and while Usopp is about to pick up the key, he is mercilessly pierced by Jabra with a ten-finger pistol. He is now on the ground, and Nami runs over to him. His opponent mocks him, and Usopp gets back up and attacks with Himawari Boshi. However, Jabra dodges with Shave.

Usopp takes a vicious kick to the face and is now held down by the agent, leaving him defenseless. Jabra wants to give him the coup de grace. Zoro can’t intervene because he is busy with Kaku. But just before Jabra can launch the final attack, he also gets a hard kick in the face!

The wolf-man is flung away and Usopp is freed from the stranglehold. When Jabra asks who the man is who gave him that blow, he pretends to be “The Hunter! It’s Sanji!

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