One Piece Chapter 412


Miss Golden Weeks “Back to the Baroque,” Part 41: Mr. 0, 1, 2, 3: Crocodile is in jail with his three special agents. Mr. 2 and Mr. 3 are tied up.


Kalifa’s Room, Nami vs. Kalifa: The agent survived the Thunder Ball, but already looks badly banged up and is still facing Nami and four of her mirages. Nami tells Kalifa that she controls the climate in the room. However, she only replies that Rokushiki is stronger and uses Shave to attack, but only catches one Mirage.

Kalifa continues, but this time again only kicks one of the effigies. Nami, meanwhile, prepares her next attack: she forms a thundercloud with two parts of the climate clock. Kalifa, however, insists that she can protect herself from the lightning. She then uses Soap Sheep, and attacks with the Sheep Cloud Desunami. She plans to wash away all the Namis.

Nami manages to blow away the approaching bubbles with Cyclone speed, though. Nami tries to escape through the hole in the tidal wave. The mirages dissolve, and the bubbles lie there.

Suddenly, however, Kalifa comes rushing out of the bubbles, and catches Nami with a Shigan. Nami takes the hit, however, gets up, and prepares her final attack: The previously created thundercloud travels to her climate clock stick, so the cloud catches Kalifa in its path. Now the CP9 agent is finally incapacitated.

At the same moment, Franky appears, having climbed up the wall of the Justice Tower after Chopper. He finds that Chopper is already out of sight and that Nami has defeated Kalifa. Nami takes the key.

Jabra’s Room: The chained Zoro and Sogeking are now running away not only from Jabra and Kaku, but now also from Monster Chopper, who is chasing them. Suddenly he stops and the two Straw Hats notice that Chopper looks pretty exhausted. The two beastmen now decide to take on Chopper as well. Zoro wants to prevent this and uses 36 Pound Hou.

Kaku can avoid the attack despite the long neck. All of a sudden, Franky appears in a fighting stance. He aims at Chopper and says there’s only one way to change him back: Dump Chopper in the ocean! He uses Coup de Vent, and Chopper flies down the tower into the sea. Franky immediately jumps after him so that Chopper doesn’t drown because of his devilish powers.

Behind a cloud of dust Zoro and Sogeking reappear, but this time separated from each other. Nami has been able to free both of them with Kalifa’s key!

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