One Piece Chapter 410


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates at an outdoor picnic. Sanji cuts hotdog buns while Luffy’s mouth is very full. Zoro teases a dog, Chopper takes care of the mustard and ketchup, Usopp guards the food from the many dogs, Nami stands by the grill, and Robin serves the hotdogs.


Luffy vs. Lucci: Luffy asks Lucci to step aside so he can free Robin. However, Lucci retorts that he will never see Robin again.

The Marines and World Government employees flee the Buster Call. Meanwhile, the Galley-Las sit tied up in the courthouse with the Franky Family.

Zoro decides to give Sogeking the name “Long-Nosed Tornado” as a sword.

Luffy vs. Lucci: Luffy launches an attack on Lucci, but he is able to fend it off. While distracted, Luffy tries to get through the door to the Bridge of Hesitation, but is stopped by his opponent. A counter attack ensues, but Lucci is able to counter it as well, giving Luffy a hit. Luffy gets up and follows up with a gum-gum bazooka.

Nami vs. Kalifa: Kalifa wants to hurry up because of the Buster Call and soaps Nami completely with the Golden Bubbles as well. Nami now finds that she can no longer hold her climatic baton and is equally unable to stand up. Kalifa, on the other hand, congratulates her on her new smooth skin. She attacks Nami with a hurricane kick, but she vanishes into thin air. Nami has been using Cool Charge: Mirage Tempo. Kalifa is confused and uses Shigan, but again only catches a Mirage.

Nami draws Kalifa’s attention to a point in the room. But at the same moment a huge monster comes crashing through the wall from this very room: It’s Chopper!

Kalifa comes to the conclusion that this monster is Nami, and she actually has Zoan devil powers, which Nami finds hilarious.

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