One Piece Chapter 409


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 39: An Abandoned Cabin in the Desert
Mister 4, Mister 5, Miss Valentine, Miss Goldenweek, Miss Doublefinger, Miss Merry Christmas and Lassoo are standing in front of a derelict Wild West building in the middle of the desert. Attached to it are two signs that just barely read recognizable: CACTUS and SALOON, with the U and the Os missing.


Enies Lobby, Justice Tower: In the Wolf Room, 3rd floor, Zoro and Sogeking fight Kaku (key number 5) and Jabra (key number 1). Kalifa’s room, 4th floor, Nami (key number 3) vs Kalifa (key number 2). In front of the tower lies the stricken Franky (key number 4). Sanji is in the reception hall on the ground floor and Chopper in his monster form is climbing up the justice tower. Owl and Kumadori of CP 9 are defeated. In the buttress of the Bridge of Hesitation at the connecting tunnel, Luffy fights Rob Lucci.

Stairs buttress Bridge of Hesitation: Spandam drags Nico Robin behind him. He tries to make contact with the CP 9 agents in the Justice Tower via Den-den Mushi. Too late he realizes that he is holding down the golden Den-den Mushi.

Grand Line, Marine Headquarters: The silver Den-den Mushi receives the signal and honks loudly. A soldier announces that a buster call has been requested on Enie’s lobby by Admiral Aokiji. Five Vice Admirals and ten warships are to get ready, they can be at Enie’s lobby in 30 minutes.

Enie’s lobby, Bridge of Hesitation: Meanwhile, Spandam has found the right Den-den Mushi and is talking to Kalifa, to whom he reveals that he accidentally triggered a buster call. The transmission is broadcast over loudspeakers, however, to all of Enie’s lobby, so everyone overhears the conversation. Spandam refuses to cancel the buster call. Meanwhile, the Franky Family, the Galley-Las, Oimo and Kashii have been defeated and tied up by the Marines and are listening to the broadcast in amazement. Spandam uses the Buster Call as an excuse to ensure Robin’s safe transfer, saying that if the pirates are also killed in the process, so much the better. Still Robin wants to explain to him that the Buster Call will destroy everything and will not distinguish between friend and foe. Spandam accepts the death of the thousands of soldiers on Enie’s lobby as a necessary sacrifice if the pirates are stopped in return. Robin is the only clue to the Ancient Weapon after Franky burns Pluton’s plans. Robin points out to him that the Den-den Mushi is still transmitting. Spandam still tries to impersonate Straw Hat Luffy, which no one believes him. Robin calls into the Den-den Mushi for everyone to leave the island, which is soon destroyed by the Buster Call. Spandam knocks them out, and the transmission breaks up.

Kaku and Jabra can’t believe what their boss has done, while Kalifa sees the end of the Straw Hat Pirates coming. Granny Kokoro stands drinking on the parapet of the Justice Tower. She thinks the circle is closing again and things are getting exciting again. The soldiers on the main island flee haphazardly, trying to get off the island in time. In the buttress, a fight breaks out between Luffy and Rob Lucci. They engage in a brief exchange of blows and then meet fist to fist. Both are thrown back with tremendous force.

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