One Piece Chapter 407


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 37: Chocolatier, Fireman, Pizza Driver, Tank. The title says it all. As with the group of 3 from the last part, Miss Valentine, Mister 5, Mister 4 and Lassoo have also dressed up. Miss Valentine is dressed as a chocolatier, Mister 5 as a fireman, Mister 4 as a pizza driver and Lassoo as a tank.


Enies Lobby: Chopper goes down bleeding from Kumadori’s Shishi Shigan. The second Rumble Ball is a pure gamble for Chopper, and it’s 1 in 7 that he transforms into Arm Point to defeat his opponent with his strongest attack. After more transformation attempts, Chopper always mutates into the wrong transformations, taking hard hits and going down several times. Just before Kumadori can attack again, Chopper realizes that he has finally transformed properly and goes for his strongest attack in Arm Point. However, he gets caught by Kumadori’s Shishi Shigan again, but he stays strong and stands firm. He attacks Kumadori, hoping that he can finally take this one down so Chopper doesn’t have to continue to deal with him.

After his attack Kokutei Roseo Metel, the little reindeer falls to the ground bleeding and half unconscious. Unfortunately, his attack was not strong enough and Kumadori is still able to fight. The latter has had enough and finally wants to kill Chopper and kicks Chopper more often. Now he attacks with Rankyaku Renge and fires a multitude of Rankyakus at Chopper who is lying on the ground. The latter remembers his apprenticeship with Dr. Kureha and how he destroyed an entire village on Drum. At that time, he fell unconscious and mutated into a monster! Chopper damaged his body enormously and Dr. Kureha was very angry with him.

Kumadori holds him in the air with his hair restraints to kill him for good. Just before the latter can perform his attack Willow Singing Passion, Chopper remembers Robin, who has decided to continue sailing the sea with the Straw Hat Pirates. Now Chopper changes to Brain Point, becomes quite small, and is able to free himself from the hair restraints. Additionally, he takes a third Rumble Ball and hopes no one else enters the kitchen. Chopper instantly becomes huge and turns into a monster! After taking three Rumble Balls, Chopper turns into a monster. In Monster Point, Chopper’s devil powers go out of control and he loses consciousness. He can no longer distinguish between enemy and friend and destroys anyone who gets in his way!

Down in front of the Justice Tower: Franky has taken Fukurou’s key. Unfortunately, the key does not have the number 2 for Sogeking and Zoro’s handcuffs. So he concludes that Kalifa must have key number 2.

Kalifa’s Room: While Nami lies weakened on the floor, Kalifa takes a bath. Nami knows she has devil powers and she’s only halfway in the water. She surmises that should limit her enough and asks her what Kalifa did to her. The latter doesn’t want to answer the question and Nami notices that her powers are starting to come back. Meanwhile, Kalifa has gotten out of the bathroom, is drying off, and is about to get dressed. Nami takes the opportunity and is able to get back up and attacks her with Thunder Charge: Swing Arm. Kalifa, who is now fully clothed again, was able to dodge the attack, but Nami has already created a dark cloud where she now summons a thunderstorm: Thunder Tempo!

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