One Piece Chapter 405


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates in their outfits as seen in the Chopper Man special.


Franky has knocked Owl outside onto the parapet of the Justice Tower with his Strong Hammer. Chopper tells Franky that he really needs the #2 key for Zoro and Sogeking. Owl gets back up and is furious. Franky wants to get this over with as quickly as possible and uses his Franky Destroyer cannons. As he does so, he “raises” his shoulders a bit so that both of his cannons that were implanted in his shoulders are ready to fire. Franky explains that he does have to dislocate his shoulders, but in return his cannons have automatic target tracking. Chopper is impressed by Franky’s attack, until he sees that he is doing the “automatic target tracking” himself and chases after Owl.

Just as Franky has fired his guns, Owl has disappeared. He explains that he is silent as an owl catching its prey. But Chopper realizes that Owl was just hiding behind Franky and strikes. Owl is now really angry and uses his Tekkai Dama, which Franky is unable to stop. So the two of them tumble out of the Justice Tower into the sea, threatening to fall into the abyssal hole under Enie’s lobby. Meanwhile, Kumadori has broken free from the fridge, however he has eaten the entire fridge and has gained some weight.

Franky has meanwhile emerged from the water, but he is already at the waterfall by the hole. To avoid being pulled down, he uses Franky Butterfly, a swimming style. Just before he can reach the shore, Owl stops him with Jugon , who can move above the water thanks to Geppou, and Franky is knocked back into the sea. Fortunately, he is able to save himself and jumps out of the water. He attacks Owl with Weapons Left, but he is able to dodge it with Kami-e Slime. Franky falls back into the water and threatens to fall into the depths of the hole!

The cyborg knows how to help himself and uses the Coup de Poo and flings himself out of the water to Owl, but he is immediately knocked back by him. The latter still uses Strong Hammer and clings to Fukurou’s leg, wanting to drag him down with him. The CP9 agent has to make a strong effort to save himself and Franky with Geppou on one leg. Owl threatens to finish Franky off with a punch once they make it to shore. Franky agrees and smiles in victory.

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