One Piece Chapter 403


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 34: Not a Fancy. Mister 0 is sitting on the floor, lighting a cigar. In the background, Mister 1 is standing in front of the giant hole, plus the smaller tower is on fire. Both have been freed from their handcuffs.


Kalifa’s room: Sanji still demands the key from Kalifa. After a short chat, the fight continues and they meet again. After several kicks from the two, Sanji goes to take her down, but stops in front of her face. Kalifa takes advantage of Sanji’s chivalrous personality to women and kicks him in his “best bits”. Sanji goes down shaking and in pain. Kalifa uses Geppou to gain height as Sanji crouches down. The latter is able to dodge her kicks, which she uses against him, and lands a hit on Kalifa, who falls backwards to the ground. Sanji intentionally misses as he rams her into the ground and shows superior. Sanji finally goes to grab her key, but Kalifa seizes her opportunity one more time and takes him down with a Shigan. She continues to attack him with a few rankyakus. Sanji is able to dodge and goes to attack her with a kick, but Kalifa is able to dodge with Soru and he steps into the void. The CP9 agent appears in front of Sanji and grabs his tie. She wants to show him something funny and advises him to finally do something about her or he will lose and die.

Meanwhile, Nami has fled from Kumadori and is hiding from him, but she doesn’t notice that he has already snuck up behind her and wraps his hair ties around her. Kumadori goes to kill Nami, but Chopper saves her with a hoof kick. The hit man goes down and releases Nami. She thanks the reindeer and wants to run away again, but Chopper protests since they don’t have his key yet. However, Nami, clever as she is, holds Kumadori’s key under Chopper’s nose and lives up to her name of “thieving cat”. While the two straw-hatted pirates run away, Chopper inquires about the number on the key. Unfortunately, it’s not the number 2 key for Sogeking and Zoro’s handcuffs, but the one with the 3. Suddenly, something crashes into the ground in front of Nami and Chopper. Through the dust, they spot Sanji, who looks like a doll! He’s smooth and shiny and has a lot of wounds on him.

Sanji admits to the two of them that he lost to his opponent and couldn’t take the key. Nami looks up and sees Kalifa, who is looking down from her room, amused. Nami yells at him for losing to a woman just because he couldn’t kick her. Sanji tells him with a determined look on his face that he can’t kick women even if it kills him! Nami now wants to turn to Kalifa and swears to her that she won’t be as nice as Sanji. Suddenly Kumadori shows up again. Chopper wants to take care of him and immediately attacks him with Kokutei Cross.

Behind the Tower of Justice: Since there is no connection between the Tower and the Gate of Justice, Luffy has quickly built a small raft to paddle across, but more badly than good. Due to all the whirlpools, he’s sunk after only a short time and is in danger of drowning. Luckily for him, Chimney and Gonbe have shown up and save him from the deadly swell. To do so, they reveal to him that they saw the guy who was with Lucci and Robin go through a gate. They show him the way there, but the thick iron gate can only be opened with an access code. However, Luffy knows how to help himself and uses Gear 3. After using it and a loud bang, Luffy has blown open the iron gate, but to Chimney and Gonbe’s surprise, Luffy has become very small!

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