One Piece Chapter 399


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 31: The Ladies Meet Again
Miss Goldenweek and Miss Valentine open the door to the jail cell where Miss Doublefinger and Miss Merry Christmas are sitting, clearly happy to see them.


Grand Line, Enies Lobby: The World Government flag has been destroyed by Sogeking, and with it the Straw Hat Pirates has declared war on the World Government. The Straw Hats are getting ready to cross the descending drawbridge to the Justice Tower to free Robin from the hands of the CP 9. The latter are already looking forward to the confrontation and are confident of victory.

In front of the courthouse: Oimo and Kashii were able to keep the soldiers at bay and continue guarding the gate. In the left tower, parts of the Franky Family, led by Mozz and Peepley Lulu, defeated all the guards and were able to flip the lever for the drawbridge. Likewise in the right tower led by Kiwi and Tilestone. In the courthouse, Court President Baskerville curses at the pirates, but he has to deal with Zambai and his boys and Paulie. Zambai and Paulie, along with Dissector Cut and Pipe Hitch Knives, attack Baskerville and are each able to cut him vertically. It turns out that Baskerville is actually made up of three different people. The one on the left is named Bas, the one on the right is named Kerville, and the one in the middle refers to himself as the beautiful Princess Center Freeway. The latter also quickly gives the order to fire the cannons. They fire sideways at the drawbridge, causing it to stop. Spandam is told to evacuate the Tower of Justice, which he does immediately, heading for the Gate of Justice with Robin and Franky. Franky is suddenly standing in front of Spandam with the original blueprint for Pluton. Franky has realized that Robin is not the Devil of Ohara as he always thought and she will not abuse the Ancient Weapon. Also, it has not been handed down how to build Pluton. The will of the builders was, in case someone activates the Ancient Weapon a counterweapon exists, that was Pluton’s raison d’etre and that’s what Iceburg and Tom sacrificed their lives for.

With Nico Robin, Spandam is able to revive the Ancient Weapon, but Franky trusts Robin’s friends to free it. He will follow the will of the builders and so he burns the blueprint in front of Spandam. The moment the existence of the blueprint becomes known, it should be burned. The antidote for the Ancient Weapon now no longer exists and Franky trusts the Straw Hat Pirates to free Robin, otherwise it will be the end of the world. Zambai, Kiwi, Mozz and the rest of the Franky Family see him from across the island and call out to him. Franky is moved to tears that his boys have come to rescue him. Spandam suddenly pushes him off the tower from behind and Franky threatens to fall into the waterfall. Granny Kokoro reports to Nami via Den-den Mushi and tells them that the half-open drawbridge will do, she’ll be there in four seconds with Rocketman. The Straw Hat Pirates should just jump into the waterfall. Rocketman breaks through the courthouse gate and continues towards the drawbridge. Luffy pulls his friends down with him and they all fall into the waterfall as Rocketman appears on the drawbridge and jumps off to the justice tower. The Straw Hats and Franky are able to hold onto the train.

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